Olena and Plix Takes The Wellness Market by Storm

Mumbai, Apr 5 (Agency) Amidst lockdown, Olena and Plix announced that they were merging to streamline their operations under one roof – PLIX. Two of India’s largest plant-based nutrition brands have recently joined hands to create a one-stop-shop for all things nutrition. Both entities share the same core values and aim to cater to anyone who aspires to make a conscious change in their lifestyle, the right way. Olena as a company commenced in June 2017 with a singular vision of offering up women-centric products that are 100% plant-based. Soon after, in January 2019 they kickstarted Plix, a plant-based company that followed the same motto but with a broader focus, with an aim to cater to an audience of all demographics, psychographics, and lifestyles.

With a loyal base of over 2,00,000+ active consumers and over 30k+ monthly orders, the brand is rapidly growing with each passing day. With individuals becoming increasingly engaged in upgrading their lifestyle and health, the brand’s annual revenue run rate is 50 crores and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Their vision is to change the way India eats, for the better. With more innovative, nutritious, convenient, and delicious plant-based products, they hope to bring their vision to life. The brand ethos lies in complete transparency while educating consumers on what goes into their products and what they consume. “The vision of both brands was synonymous – a strong focus on an ingredient-first, plant-based nutrition approach. While Olena was diversifying into women’s nutrition, Plix focussed on daily wellness. The consumers interested in both brands were overlapping, so we realized that together as one brand we can give our customers a broader range of products for all lifestyles and concerns,” says Rishabh Satiya, Chief Executive Officer, Plix. Millennials and Gen-Z consumers for long have set out to find products that suit their lifestyle and the brand aims to bring it to them. They aim to be a partner in upgrading lifestyles through plant-based nutrition using vegan, non-GMO, dairy, and sugar-free ingredients.

“There is heightened awareness about the food we as millennials are putting into our bodies. Traditional marketing isn’t the norm anymore, and greater transparency enhances the trustworthiness of your brand. As a result, we have adopted an ingredient-first approach. This gives our customers transparency about our ingredients and a clear link to the source of our product’s functional benefits,” affirms Akash Zaveri- Chief Executive Officer, Olena Health. While the dynamics and operations of the company change and evolve with time, they stay the same at their very core. Their motto remains deeply rooted in the idea of bringing access to the best plant-based nutrition, to the masses. The brand logo retains this general idea with an emphasis on natural plant ingredients that bring out their identity, as a brand. Backed by their loyal customers, team members, and associates, without which this would not have been possible, the brand aims to innovate, evolve and create an ecosystem of shared values on a more conscious level while making health a priority.