B.Tech in Material Science and Engineering at IIT Mandi introduces new courses

Mandi (HP), July 11 (FN Agency) The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Materials Science and Engineering programme at IIT Mandi will offer a comprehensive education in the field of materials science, emphasising engineering applications and employable skills. With a focus on emerging areas like sustainability, renewable energy, urban mining, quantum technologies, and artificial intelligence, the programme will equip students with theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in both conventional and advanced materials. The hands-on research experience module of this programme will enable students to bridge the gap between academic pursuits and real-world engineering. Graduates of this programme will be prepared to take on leadership roles in industries such as semiconductors, manufacturing, automobiles, energy, and waste management.

This interdisciplinary programme will cater to students interested in exploring the intersection of science and engineering. The new B.Tech. programme in Mathematics and Computing is a unique and pioneering programme that will offer students a strong foundation in mathematics, computing, and computational thinking. It will focus on developing analytical and problem-solving skills that can be applied across various fields in science and engineering. By emphasising both theoretical and practical aspects of mathematical and scientific computing, this programme will prepare graduates for diverse career opportunities in industries, academia, and research and development. It aims to produce graduates who possess a wide range of mathematical and computational knowledge, techniques, and tools, enabling them to tackle complex real-world problems effectively. IIT Mandi’s School of Chemical Sciences is starting a unique and comprehensive 4-year Bachelor of Science (BS) programme in Chemical Sciences.

This programme will allow students to specialise in key branches of Chemistry, including Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Materials Chemistry, while also offering minors in various engineering and humanities disciplines such as Computer Science and Engineering, Communication Engineering, Management, and German Language, among others, according to the Director of the institution. The curriculum will provide research opportunities at the BS level, allowing students to engage in research at an early stage. Graduates of the programme will have placement opportunities in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and technology industries, with the option to pursue a research career after completing the Master’s component (MS) of the programme. The programme duration is four years for the BS programme, along with an optional one-year.