High central taxes not oil bonds pushing fuel price: Congress

New Delhi, Aug 16 (Agency) The BJP government raised central taxes on petrol by Rs. 23 and on diesel by Rs. 28, Congress on Monday said accusing Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of falsehood, as she blamed oil bonds issued during UPA government as the reason behind fuel price hike. Sitharaman said on Monday that government would have given relief in high fuel prices if it did not have to pay for the oil bonds issued during United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government of Manmohan Singh.

Tagging the Finance Minister in a tweet, Surjewala said: “BJP raised Central Taxes on Petrol and Diesel by Rs. 23.87 and Rs. 28.37 per litre in 7 yrs.” He said Modi government collected additional Rs. 17.29 lakh Crore. “Don’t lie. Oil Bonds of 1.3 lakh CR are not even due for payment so far,” Surjewala said. He added that the government has “extorted” Rs. 22,33,868 Crore by levying excise on Petrol-Diesel in last 7 years. “In 2020-21 alone, Modi Tax on Petrol-Diesel is Rs. 4,53,812 Crore.

Till April 2021, payment made on Oil Bonds is Rs.3,500 crore only, yet you falsely hold UPA responsible!” Surjewala added Sitharaman on Monday blamed the oil bonds for government being unable to give relief on fuel prices. The minister said Modi government has so far paid Rs. 60,205.67 Crore in interest alone to redeem oil bonds. She said total principal due was Rs. 1,30,923.17 Crore as on March 31, 2021. The amount has to be cleared including interest payments by financial year 2025-26.