Best-Ever Sales Report of for Luxury Electronic Gadgets during Pandemic

Modern gadgets are those include advanced technology. There are different modern electronic appliances we use daily. Like refrigerators, TV, Machines, smartphones etc. Electronic shops in Amravati have the best deals on electronic appliances. – One of India’s Leading Online portals for all luxury electronic gadgets declare best-ever sales for electronic gadgets during the pandemic. “During the pandemic, lockdown situations made people realize the value of spending time with their family and themselves. People tried various practices to keep themselves busy and motivated. Same was the love for music which grew immensely during the lockdown as music has always been a cure for people to surpass hard times.” said Mr. Ravinder Yadav, Founder-VPLAK. With a vision to set up an inhouse manufacturing unit for VPLAK in the coming years, Mr. Yadav said, “When the offline electronic gadget companies were doomed and were carrying losses, VPLAK by fortune was able to grab huge attention and sales on a day-to-day basis. Our high-quality service became a word of mouth for positive seeding and brand-building exercise. This helped us to further expand our wings of sales and services across PAN India. Now we have a dedicated office in Gurgaon where we are creating multiple job opportunities for tech gadget lovers.”

Mr. Yadav further added, “The biggest reason behind having great online sales is great supply chain management at these times. Most of the brands are facing issues with stock shortage supply. In fact some of Delhi NCR’s big retail shop owners claimed that their Offline sales dip up to 60-70%. We as VPLAK plan our things ahead and managing supply effectively. In Financial Year(Fy) 2019, our total GMV was 3cr and in Fy 2020, 3cr is of just a quarter in the pandemic. We are expecting to grow further 200% in Fy 2021.” VPLAK was established in the year 2015. It started with bootstrapping and scaled with a self-profitable model. They are authorized to sell the international and national inventory of brands. This list consists of various brands like – Marshall , Devialet, Skull candy, Phillips, etc. They do not promote third-party selling which makes them unique and genuine online sellers for these brands. They also offer luxury electronic gadgets from brands ranging from Bose, Denon, Yamaha, B&o, Sennheiser, JBL, Marantz, Ravtek, etc. These gadgets range from Phone accessories, headgears, Computer accessories, computer components, office accessories, and other high-end Audio Video systems like home theatres, Soundbars, Projector, etc. They also have a vast collection of premium quality portable speakers from Marshall, Soundbar speakers from Bose, JBL, infinity sonic, and various other premium brands. They have a classic collection of Home Theatres from brands like Denon and Marantz.

According to Mr Yadav, “Team VPLAK focuses more on high customer satisfaction ratios while maintaining the quality of the services. We aim to provide competitive costs for all electronic gadgets. We have a highly experienced team, which ensures a quality customer experience. Our express delivery system provides an unparalleled shopping experience to our customers. 100? purchase protection is ensured for all purchases made from our website-” Every product displayed on their website is among the most reviewed and top-rated products in their respective category. Bulk purchasing at easy rates can be done directly from their company as an authorized inventory stocking partner, this makes product delivery readily available to all the customers even on a short notice period. VPLAK’s target audience is the elite class – people who have love and knowledge of high-end gadgets. Their product ranges from the cost of 20 thousand – 15 Lakhs. It is very hard to maintain the inventory of all gadgets during this high time. But high demand made Mr. Yadav maintain the inventory up to date to fulfill all customer requests. Their customer support team ensures the correct and genuine purchasing from their portal.

About Mr. Ravinder Yadav, Founder of VPLAK
Mr Ravinder Yadav was born and brought up in a small village called Naghori in Alwar district Rajasthan. He went to NIT Kurukshetra for his technical degree in computer science. Mr. Yadav worked in an e-commerce company for a year as a software engineer. VPLAK is a brainchild of Mr. Yadav which offers high-end luxury electronic gadgets for tech geeks and music lovers.