Antano & Harini hold World’s First Installation Concert ‘Mixing music with personal evolution’

Mumbai, Sep 26 (FN Agency) Antano and Harini hosted the World’s First Installation Concert which left the audience stirred so deep that tears of gratitude and emotion, thunderous standing ovation filled the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir auditorium in Bandra Mumbai , for the artists, Antano Solar John, Harini Ramachandran, the ‘Installation’ Wizards and their able team. A statement said a good song, the most soulful melody nonchalantly blending with soul-touching and balming words, isn’t that a recipe for changing lives? Maybe, especially when the soul-touching words pack installations, the most naturally and scientifically-backed way of commissioning changes from within. And that’s exactly what happened at the A&H Installation Concert. Prior to the Concert, the audience were put through a mini ‘Expanding Horizons’ workshop by Antano & Harini themselves, the creators of Excellence Installation Technology, the most advanced and cutting edge technology for Personal Evolution.

Without any set playlist, the A&H Installation Concert was composed and delivered LIVE, based on the current juncture of life the participants are at, their dreams, aspirations, the existing unconscious patterning and their neurological responses to the on-going installations, release added. With predictive intelligence of Excellence Installations, participants got exactly the changes in their mindset, beliefs, thinking, patterns, habits, capabilities, all together creating a pivotal shift in their life. Harini Ramachandran, who is also popularly called ‘Singer Megha’, is a popular playback singer who has sung the iconic ‘Jessie’s land’ from Ekk Deewana Tha, remake of the Tamil classic ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya’ composed by Academy and Grammy Award winner A R Rahman. She has sung over 75 songs in various films for all the top composers. Combining music and installations, this was a never-before experience that the audience wasn’t imagining would be so deep, meaningful and life transforming, said the statement. Talking about this one-of-a-kind concert, Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of the Excellence Installation Technology said, “Excellence Installations is a breakthrough in the field of personal change & evolution, opening up a world of possibilities with innate capability development, said the statement. We are delighted that with A&H Installation concert, more people could come and experience this powerful technology. The day is not far away when people would no longer have to languish in mediocrity. One where getting new capabilities will be as simple as an outfit change and all of that made possible with Excellence Installations, statement added.