Hayasa launching Made in India electric scooters

Nashik, Aug 13 (Agency) Hayasa E- Mobility Pvt Ltd will be launching its electric scooters built with modern technology and totally manufactured in India, the company said here on Thursday. Addressing a press conference, Hayasa Directors Vijay Hake and Sunita Sangle said that the company is presently manufacturing Ojas, Daksh, Era and Nirbhar models in Nashik. Hayasa means speed and riders will be able to experience speed in these four models. These world class vehicles will be manufactured at Dindori. Soon a pan India distribution network will be launched across the country. Hayasa E – Mobility Pvt Ltd was established in February 2021. Within only six months we were able to successfully provide an international level modern vehicle to our customers who are very happy with it. The Ojas and Daksh scooters will captivate youngsters while the Ira model will be attractive to women. And Nirbhar model will be beneficial for professionals, they said. The company’s production is being conducted on a four acre plot in the extremely remote Adivasi area of Dindori. We have been successful in manufacturing an attractive and sturdy vehicle which is affordable to the common people.

The production capacity is 6,000 vehicles per month and will increase to 1,00,000 vehicles by March 2022. Hayasa E – Mobility Pvt Ltd Directors Sandeep Ayachit and Prashant Joshi elaborated upon the details of the e- scooter. They said that the battery was indigenous and based upon lithium ion technology. Smart BMS system has been used, considering the temperature changes in India. This will enable the customer to be aware of the battery condition. Safety fuse and cut off technology has been used for protection of the battery. The battery life will be of seven years. The scooter motor is of BLDC technology with high capacity permanent magnet. While designing the scooter, the centre of gravity has been considered, which would enable the vehicle to run efficiently even on turns and reduce the danger of accidents. Anti-theft alarms have been installed on all scooters. The vehicle can run up to 90 km on one charge. Charging will require approximate two units which means 90 km for Rs 15/-. All four models are available in attractive colours. After sales service will be available promptly all over the country.

A distribution network has been created throughout the country and arrangements for finance have also been made. The company will soon provide a free Telematics Application to assist and give technical information to customers. Vijay 2000, a sturdy and affordable e-Motorcycle will soon be available in the market. This e-motorcycle costing below Rs 1,00,00/- will give mileage of 200 km on a single charge. This will require 5 units (Only Rs 35/-) . The motorcycle will have capacity for two persons and will have tubeless 17 inch alloy wheels. Other accessories include LED indicators and reverse gears.