Bumble reveals how cricket impacts dating

Bangalore, Mar 31 (Agency) Cricket still is the most popular sport in most parts of India, as the cricket season approaches, there is massive excitement for the game among Gen Z and Millennials. Bumble’s new study revealed that the majority (90 pc) of Bangaloreans surveyed claim they are excited to watch Indian women’s cricket in 2023.As Per Bumble’s internal data, ‘Cricket’ is one of the top 5 displayed Sports Interest Badges on Bumble Date profiles in India in the month of February. The study shows that cricket dates are popular in Bangalore, Sports, cricket in particular, play an important role in dating journeys for Indians.72 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed think cricket matches make for great dates, while a majority (72 pc) of Bangaloreans surveyed say they actively look for a romantic partner with an interest in sports before deciding whether to explore a connection with them. 45 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed claim it’s a deal breaker if someone they are romantically interested in didn’t like cricket. 75 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed believe cricket match dates helps them learn about someone’s interest and passion in cricket and 66 pc believe they get to know someone’s personality (how someone reacts to a win or a loss, etc.)

For 51 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed who’ve been in a dating situation where one liked cricket and the other didn’t, the one who didn’t like cricket compromised and they watched it together, while 43 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed say they spent lots of time apart. 25 pc of Bangaloreans surveyed said they grew to love it and for nearly (17pc) who’ve been in a dating situation where one liked cricket and the other didn’t, it ended their relationship. “Cricket dates are super popular in India and shared love for sports seems crucial in choosing a partner per our new study. We want to empower people on Bumble to showcase and discuss things that are important to them. Bumble’s Interest Badges are a quick way to let people know what’s most important to you. By adding the ‘Cricket’ Interest Badge you can highlight your preferences including sports that you enjoy watching, music that you listen to or how you like to spend your time when going out. As you gear up to support your favourite teams and watch cricket, we hope our Bumble community finds meaningful connections through the game!” shared Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble.