All India Federation of Lorry owners Call for indefinite strike from April 5 in demand of decrease in Diesel price

Bengaluru, Mar 4 (Agency) All India Federation of Lorry owners associations have called for the indefinite strike across India from April 5, condemning the rise in Diesel price and demanding other issues to be resolved soon. Addressing the media persons here on Thursday President of the Federation B. Channa Reddy, said, all the truck owners associations of the country came together and decided to hold the strike, in response to the negligence of the central government regarding the requests made by the federations earlier, to reduce the diesel price and meet other demands.

Due to covid-19 pandamic, the Transport Industry, along with the entire economy of the country is paralyzed, Channareddy said, Across India, 93 lakh trucks are engaged in goods transport by road, out of which, 90% of trucks are owned by single truck owner owning up to 5 trucks. The running cost of the truck is Rs.45 per kilometer towards Diesel. In these Circumstances the Central Government decision to levy abnormal taxes on Diesel and Petrol only adds to the misery of lakhs of truck owners of the country, and thereby curtailing their capacity to give employment to crores of people, Channareddy said.

As for as Scrpage Policy is Concerned the central Government seems to be working in favour of SIAM, if this policy were to implement nearly 20% of the truck owners in the country loose their livelywood, these old Vehicles are being used to the local markets, Railway Goodsheds and APMC Yards, he added.The IRDAI still fixing tariff of the TPP and keep on increasing the premium TPP every year causing burden to the truck owner, hence the request for De-Tariffing the TTP. To remove the practical difficulties in carrying the transport business.