Strong and vigilant society is possible only through continuous awareness: Murmu

Bhubaneswar / New Delhi, Nov 20 (FN Bureau) President Droupadi Murmu on Monday urged writers to continuously create awareness in the society through their writings. Speaking after inaugurating the 36th Annual Conference and Literary Festival of All India Santali Writers’ Association at Baripada, the President said authors are vigilant watchdogs of society. They make society aware and guide it through their work. Murmu, who arrived in Odisha on a three-day visit today, stressed that creating awareness among the people of tribal communities is an important task. The President said building a strong and vigilant society is possible only through continuous awareness. She said literature is a mirror of the culture of a community and added that natural co-existence of humans with nature is seen in the tribal lifestyle. The tribal communities, Murmu said, believe that the forest does not belong to them but they belong to the forest.

The President highlighted that today climate change is a huge problem and nature-friendly living is very important to tackle this issue. Murmu urged writers to write about the lifestyles of tribal communities so that other people could know about the life values of tribal society. She said India is a beautiful garden of different languages and literatures. Readers of Santhali language should be introduced to the literature of other languages through translation and similar efforts should be made to make Santali literature reach the readers of other languages. The President said there is a need to keep children engaged in self-study right from the beginning. Murmu said emphasis should be laid on creating interesting , entertaining and comprehensible children’s literature not only in Santhali literature but in all Indian languages. She appreciated writers and researchers who are contributing to the Santhali language and literature. The President also appreciated that All India Santali Writers’ Association has been promoting Santhali language since its establishment in 1988. She noted that use of Santhali language has been increased in government and non-government sectors, after its inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution on December 22, 2003.