StanPlus collaborate with Grip Invest to expand its Red Ambulance network pan India

Hyderabad, Jun 8 (Representative) StanPlus, India’s leading private patient logistics and emergency medical response company, on Tuesday announced its collaboration with Grip Invest, a platform that offers investment opportunities in physical assets leased to corporates, to expand its Red Ambulance network across the country. Grip Invest will acquire ambulances by way of crowdfunding primarily through HNIs, the company said in a release here.

StanPlus will initiate the partnership with 10 Red ambulances and eventually expand to 100 across 30 cities in the country. HNIs would invest as little as INR 50,000 towards the initiative. Speaking on the collaboration, Mr. Prabhdeep Singh, Founder and CEO, StanPlus, said we will give monthly returns to the tune of 17 per cent to Grip’s investors while being able to put more ambulances on Indian roads. Nikhil Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Grip Invest, said, we are honoured to make this a reality for a company as dedicated to public welfare as StanPlus. Through our collaboration, we will be unlocking a chance to do good while earning substantial returns to our investors. We are looking forward to the positive outcomes from this initiative.

StanPlus will be investing INR 2.5 crore for 10 ambulances which will grow to INR 27-28 crore for 100. The company aims to grow 3x within 2021, which requires it to enable a higher network of ambulances across its target geographies. The partnership with Grip Invest will accelerate the company’s growth while also expanding its capabilities to serve the nation.