Tips to Preserve the Aroma of Weeds

The aroma is one of the crucial factors when it comes to choosing weed. The terpenes are mostly the difference between the various weed strains. It can also help you set apart a high-quality weed from a low-quality weed that will affect your lungs. The aroma of the weeds goes beyond the smell. It is also useful in choosing the weed that comes with the needed health and recreational benefits. When growing weed, the aroma is crucial. Here are some of the tips to keep it intact.

• Avoid too much contact with the trichrome
Keeping the smell of the cannabis is a whole cycle-long process that starts from the growth to harvest and post-harvest. Avoid touching the marijuana plant leaves too much at any time. Whether you are tending, applying the input, or harvest, you have to keep from the leaves. Any time you touch the marijuana, your hands will smell great. However, that is not because you are gaining from the plant. Instead, you are messing with the trichrome hence losing the marijuana smell. Even though you might have to hold the plant for the various processes, keep it gentle.

• Dry properly
The other way to keep the weed aroma is to master the drying weed process. Drying helps get rid of moisture that would later lead to mildew or molds when left on the weed. The drying also helps enhance the aroma and flavor of the weed. To properly dry the weed, ensure proper light and temperature. You want to make sure you get rid of the moisture without destroying the trichrome. Dry the weed in a cool and dry room at temperatures of around 20°C. Drying the weed in temperatures that are too high comes with the risk of evaporating terpenes.

• Proper curing
Even though some growers stop the process after drying, there is a need for curing for the finishing touches. The process helps keep the aroma intact while improving the product’s potency and cannabinoid effectiveness. Curing involves putting the weed in a tightly sealed container for some time. Even though some growers take them out by two weeks, the longer it stays in this condition the better the smell in the long run.

• Proper storage
The storage comes after successful curing. How you store your weed determines the terpenes. You have to store the weed in an environment that enhances the aroma with little interference. Store it in a cool room with no direct sunlight. Monitor the humidity levels of the room. You also need proper storage for the cannabis. Look for airtight containers that won’t allow any moisture or air that might mess with the weed aroma. Also, label the containers indicating the strains and expected aroma.

Avoid using plastic bags storage for the weed due to the damaging static produce it releases after some time. Also, avoid storing the weed near appliances that produce heat or refrigerators and freezers. They fluctuate in temperatures and humidity that can impact the buds and mess the terpenes.