The at-home Maker-Centered Learning ProgramFirst time in India by EuroKids

EuroKids International, one of India’s leading early childhood education & K12 Education Company, has launched India’s first Maker-Centered Learning Program for young learners – Makers Magic. The burden Covid-19 pandemic brought upon early education was the impetus that drove the team at EuroKids International, which champions a Child First philosophy, to develop an at-home learning program for young kids so learning never stops. It’s also the first time, EuroKids International is stepping foot in the retail space directly.

The Makers Magic learning program in a box will be available in multi engagement level formats for the age group between 3 to 6 years. It is created with activities and practices for children to develop keen observation, engage in deep thinking routines and find opportunities to apply the learned skills and abilities all from their home’s comfort and safety. The Makers Magic program is based on the Maker-Centered learning pedagogy from Agency by Design. The program offers daily engagement modules with clearly defined developmental milestones and assessment guidelines that empower parents to access their child’s learning achievements and track their intellectual progress. Each Makers Magic program – The Beginner for 3 to 4 years and School Readiness for 4 to 6 years’ age group, has 4 Levels. Every Level offers a 30-day learning plan with 60 lessons and 100 new activities woven together and presented in an activity and learning kit. The program promises small experiences that transform how your child thinks, processes information and retains it in a hassle-free manner.

With a balance of offline and online engagement activities, every Makers Magic program ensures small steps to acquire new skills. The pedagogical strategies in the program help build on the child’s natural learning instinct and abilities. The Makers Magic program offers complete development to the child with easy to implement, replicate, and repeat activities, ranging from cognitive to socio-emotional and personality development. The program aims to enhance young children’s language skills, mathematical skills, and artistic abilities through keen observation, comprehension, and application. Speaking about the Makers Magic learning program, Mr Amit Singh, CEO, New Business, EuroKids International said, “With Makers Magic learning program, we are introducing our young kids in India to the Maker-Centered Learning Pedagogy.

A pedagogy that focuses on offering our young learners a strong foundation by making learning a part of their everyday lives through small but consistent new exposures each day. This program doesn’t rely too much on material resources but parent-child interactions. It offers parents the opportunities to constructively engage and have deep conversations with their child with cues on what to observe and assess in their child during the program. After all, parents are the best teachers a child can have, in the growing up years.” Makers Magic program is designed to enable a sustainable learning platform for children by giving them a broad set of opportunities to engage, without getting bored.

About EuroKids International
As India’s leading Early Childhood Education & K-12 Education company, delivering the ‘Joy of Learning’ is at the heart of EuroKids International. By enhancing its pedagogy and consistently building a holistic, nurturing and secure learning environment for children, EuroKids is coming closer to its vision of REINVENTING EDUCATION in the country. Over the last 18 years, EuroKids International has played an active role in the evolution of the education landscape. With its portfolio of brands – EuroKids Preschool, Kangaroo Kids Preschool, EuroKids DayCare, EuroSchool & Billabong High International, EuroKids is committed to delivering a robust foundation for future generations. The group’s ‘Child First’ ideology ensures that a child’s growth and engagement needs are met in a home-like environment. A focus on Child safety and ensuring active engagement with parents during these crucial developmental years makes EuroKids a child’s Second Home. EuroKids, with its presence in over 350 cities with 1200+ pre-schools and 35 Schools is achieving new milestones in education every day.