Digital Trending from Recruiters end

Social media can be an excellent place to head towards recruiting. Whether it is Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram or other professional networks like LinkedIn, you can find them all and use them in order to recruit the best talent. This is one of the most effective recruiting techniques that are effective to target millennial and next-generation who use social media to meet all their requirements.

With the advent of the digital revolution, recruitment has completely transformed. There has been a shift away from conventional job websites to a world of innovation. To ensure you keep the pace with the future world, here check the latest trends in digital recruitment.

Virtual Reality:
Virtual reality offers an exciting prospect. Many industries possess VR headsets, which are designed to engage the candidates and offer them better content. Using VR let a candidate know that the business practice innovative and cutting-edge technologies. It provides positive images even if it is expensive and timely to integrate into the recruitment strategy. Numerous brands are trying to offer distinct experiences to enhance their hiring process. For example, Jet offers a VR demonstration of the business culture. This can be accessed remotely by candidates from anywhere in the world to find out what the store holds to offer them. The good thing about VR is that it enables unique interpretations for all kinds of industries.

Artificial Intelligence AI:
Artificial Intelligence is playing a great role in the way of finding new talents. Its advent has been meteoric in the leading media publications of the world. It considered recruitment as one of the challenging jobs that modern businesses hold. AI can alleviate a bigger proportion of hard work. Hence, it is essential to streamline the process and for this, there is nothing better than AI. Some of the Ai tools that will lead the charge are:
• Sentiment Analysis: It is useful to adjust job specifications in the event of biased decision making.
• Chatbots: With this, it is possible to quickly assess candidates and hire more suitable candidates. They offer a reactive way of dealing with the huge talent and have to potential to save recruiters lots of time.
• Talent Rediscovery: The ATS or Applicant Tracking System let recruiters scan the data records and find details of previous candidates to determine the best fit.

Video Interviews:
No matter where a candidate lives, dragging him/her down to the interview room is no more an advanced way of hiring. It is a waste of money and time for the company as well as the candidate if it does not seems suitable. With easy access to FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other communication channels, it is possible to interview candidates’ right from their place and at any time. It is a great way to save time and removes the less suitable candidates from the screening process. This way, you can bring only the top selection candidates to your table. This is highly useful if the potential candidate stays aboard.

Passive Candidates:
A way to source potential candidates is finding talented workers who are looking out for a career change. Such candidates can be targeted with attractive new possibilities, like a higher way or more responsibility, which are enough to gain interest. Hiring passive candidates has gained momentum in recent years as it helps to target workers who are not jumping from one role to the other. Alternatively, you can reach out to talented candidates by letting them have things that you have to offer.

Applicant Tracking Systems:
ATS is a newly emerged recruitment software that offers numerous benefits to the companies. It helps to enhance the efficiency of the hiring process as it lets you log all the hiring campaigns and find out candidate information in a single system. With the talent adding information to your system, it offers access to a pool of workers for similar kinds of roles in the future. Further, it is easier for candidates as it allows them to cater to new hiring expectations like mobile-based application environments. Moreover, you can do away with filing and streamlining everything so that no excess files lie in your office.

New Techniques of Interviewing:
Just like new recruiting techniques, there are new interview techniques as we. Presently, candidates prefer interview sessions, which are less informal. For this reason, even some companies invite candidates to a coffee in order to know them better.

• Open-Ended Posts: The way job descriptions are being defined and portrayed has also changed. Recruiters are always trying novel tactics like leaving off the job titles or leaving off other specifications. The main idea behind them is to encourage the concern to hire people above their skills. Earlier, only the most experienced candidates were selected. But not, things have altered. Experience does not confirm that a candidate will naturally fit into your organization or work culture or will be the perfect fit for your existing team. If a person has the desired skills, training them properly over a period of six months can reap benefits in the long-term.

• Glassdoor: Along with job searching, one more thing emerging is reviewing the company platform. Now current, former, or other staff can review a company online. Definitely, this can result in some disgruntled workers leaving a company at a low scale. This website Glassdoor, is gaining high popularity and offers young workers a great sense and insights about a company. This way, it is possible to know many flaws about a company right before joining.

Job Auditions:
If you wish to taste a few of the top candidates, a job audition will offer you with some additional insights. You might not trust the professionalism of a candidate mentioned on their CV. But through the way of a job audition, you can gain insights about how good they are at their job. To attract candidates to take such actions, you can pay them for additional work, offer them free lunch, and make sure they are mentored during the audition by an experienced professional.