Creating centre of excellence (COE) for WAN edge Infrastructure

The explosive potential for SD-WAN in emerging economies, and their massive public and private sector digital transformation initiatives has created the need for rapid innovation and agile software development on India’s leading SD-WAN software platform – the Lavelle Networks’ ScaleAOn technology.

ASM Technologies and Lavelle Networks have partnered to build great software that is running some of the finest enterprises in the country, and have delivered solutions together to drive customer success. Towards this they have decided to deepen their partnership with an exclusive Centre of Excellence for software defined networking in collaboration between the technology teams from both companies. This Centre of Excellence will solve cutting edge networking technology problems to drive better and better results for application experience in the rapidly digitising customer landscape. The companies are excited to announce that in their 11.0 (latest software release), the results of their collaboration has already gone to several production networks, and customers are happy to see the results in such a short time. SD-WAN is the fastest growing enterprise networking segment, and APAC having the highest CAGR, compared to rest of the world. With the backdrop of massive network modernisation projects in India and Asia, this partnership comes at a great moment for enterprise networking the world around.

“The Center of Excellence has brought in enormous agility in our ability to rapidly prototype and test not only our innovations, but also helped us quickly respond to customer requests in terms of feature fine tuning and enhancements. This has contributed in a big way in enhancing customer satisfaction and establish Lavelle Networks as a company that listens and responds to customer’s needs,” said Randhir Bhattacharya – Chief Product Architect at Lavelle Networks. “The Center of Excellence at ASM Technologies has enabled us to look at emerging use cases and trends in the Industry, and enhance our SD-WAN capabilities to a cater to new business cases for the future. For instance, ASM Technologies is a key partner for us with regard to the work we are doing to address the networking needs of the Edge Computing environments,” said Karthik Madhava, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, while commenting the establishment of the Center of Excellence for Software Defined Networking Technologies.

About Lavelle Networks
Lavelle Networks accelerates networks for the digital economy by offering software defined networking solutions that solve the biggest challenges in the WAN for distributed enterprises. With a 100% software defined architecture, the solution enables seamless network experience, ensuring enterprises, in turn, are empowered to deliver the best customer experience at the branch. Lavelle Networks SD-WAN solutions are designed for enterprises that are using, or plan to use hybrid WAN or cloud applications and are on the path to digital transformation.