Bridge to the Future: What you NEED is what you GET at Cambridge group of Institutions

Over 63% of all dropouts happen at the school level, a survey by the National Statistical Office (NSO) of the government of India has revealed. A further 13% drop out at the diploma/certificate program level. The rich and the middle class have always had education up their priority list. Unfortunately, the poor and the marginalised, who need Education the most, contribute largely to this distressing record. Act’s like the Right to Education (RTE) has ensured that Education is given the importance it perennially deserved. With this support system in place complemented by schemes like the mid-day meals, the financially weaker section of the society are also becoming aspirational, are willing to go the extra mile and make sacrifices to ensure education for their children. Commercial banks are also doing their bit in extending loans to the meritorious.

At the graduate level, the drop out percentage is a low 5.1%, but there lies a different challenge. Graduating students aren’t finding jobs and the reason is pretty straightforward; colleges providing quality education are few in number, so graduating students are often of poor quality and unemployable. Sri D. K. Mohan, the chairman of Cambridge group of institutions, was spot on when he spoke about the importance of studying at a reputed college. He said “Top colleges work closely with large corporations and start-ups to understand the latest and greatest technologies they work on and hot skills of the future. The same gets incorporated into their already scientifically designed teachings, thus giving students a head start in this competitive world. The work-ready talent start being productive, almost immediately from the time they start their jobs and become much sought-after. These colleges also leverage their proximity with companies and help students land internships which give them an exposure to the company’s work environment and their expectations. This makes the students’ transition smooth and effective when they take on full-time responsibilities. The other advantage of studying at a top-notch college is the connections that the college creates between the current students and the Alumni. These connections prove to be invaluable when it comes to securing a job. Also, recruiters tend to rely on the solid reputation of these colleges, and look at a degree from, say, Cambridge Institute of Technology as a guarantee of a certain kind of a student who is smart, ambitious and able to perform. There is also the elusive prestige factor of studying at such institutions”.

The role of a good college cannot be undermined in a students’ success. One very popular and highly successful educational destination in Bangalore is the Cambridge group of Institutions. Cambridge under its umbrella has an ICSE school, a Pre-University college, a Degree college, two Engineering colleges; Cambridge Institute of Technology and Cambridge Institute of Technology – North campus. Cambridge Institute of Technology is affiliated to VTU, accredited by NAAC and NBA and approved by AICTE. For a college that is just 14 years old, it has quickly graduated into the top league and was rightly awarded the ‘Best Emerging Engineering College in India – South’ by ASSOCHAM in 2018. The managements’ passion for education, the right Mission and Vision implemented through a carefully curated roadmap since the time of colleges’ inception and a group of highly intellectual and industrious advisors has played a significant role in garnering such name and fame. With a firm belief that the calibre of an institution’s faculty influences the quality of its Teaching and Research programs; and its image in the outside world, Cambridge Institute of Technology has in its workforce, the crème de la crème of the faculty. The result is well learned practical engineers graduating out of the campus. The college was very recently awarded the Most Promising Student Branch award by IEEE Bangalore Section in the Annual General Body Meeting of 2020. In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic where unemployment was a major concern, 90% of all eligible students were placed with close to 20% students receiving multiple job offers. In a typical year, students have the opportunity to interview with more than 150 companies. In recognition of the excellent placements, Cambridge Institute of Technology was awarded the Best Placements & Career Building, Honorary Award in 2016 by All India Technical & Management Council. Dr. Yogesh Velankar, Principal of Cambridge Institute of Technology said “We strive to provide a holistic educational experience to our students to develop them into globally competent professionals to face the grand challenges of our era. In addition to the regular syllabus, starting this year we are introducing Specialised courses like Autonomous Driving, Robotics/ML, Computer Vision, Embedded Design, Energy Storage Solutions, High Rise Building and Bridge Design among others to not only cater to the industry demand but also work on relevant technologies and challenging problems.”

For many decades now, Karnataka and more specifically Bangalore has been the hub for education in the country, producing some of the best talent and home to some of the biggest tech-companies, start-ups and industries. Considering how successful the 5000+ alumni of Cambridge Institute of technology are, it’s a no-brainer that the college is extremely popular with students from across the country. The campus has a diverse cohort of faculty and students and is truly cosmopolitan in every sense.

About Cambridge group of Institutions
Established under the umbrella of the Umesh Education Trust in 1964, the Cambridge Group of Institutions has built a legacy of holistic education for its students in the four decades of its service to the community. Standing tall at the forefront of quality education in the state of Karnataka, the Cambridge Group of Institutions strives to inculcate in its students a sense of pride and empowerment, driving them to explore opportunities at building their career in a field of their choice or become job providers by pursuing entrepreneurship ventures. Under Cambridge Group of Institutions conglomerate, we offer a wide range of courses in Cambridge School, PU, Degree, Engineering, along with MBA/MCA & Ph.D divisions. Spread over 16 acres of verdant serenity, Cambridge Group of Institutions has been developed to provide an idyllic and conducive environment to students to harmonise their curriculum, physical and mental well-being. Flanked by the International Technology Park and Bio-Tech Park, Cambridge Group of Institutions, the environs of our campus instil in students the urge to learn, conquer and lead.