Aarambh 2021: an interactive platform for the SIL leaders

According to a report by Forbes, there are various factors that contribute to the failure of a business, of which the primary ones are planning on the gut and running out of cash. Considering the data implementing feasible solutions can reduce the risk of tending towards all these possibilities of business failure. The business operates in a very uncertain and ever-changing environment. As a new entrepreneur, there are so many uncertainties and challenges that one needs to face. People will constantly remind them how fewer chances are there to succeed or have a profitable venture.

What is Aarambh 2021?
The School of Inspirational Leaders (SIL) presents Aarambh, an interactive platform for the SIL leaders. It is an annual operating plan for 2021-22. For the new entrepreneurs gearing up to take new opportunities for 2021-22, SIL handholds them to implement the Annual Operating Plan. ‘Aarambh 21’ is focusing on enriching the businesses of every aspiring business leader & entrepreneurs who has sustained through the global pandemic of 2020. SIL believes that a planned business has more potential to grow and contribute to the nation and society.

Aarambh – 21 is a unique meet and greets session, where SIL experts would be personally advising the aspiring business leader & entrepreneurs to plan their futures in the best way. SIL offers various opportunities to accelerate the growth of the leader within you by providing the right direction and focusing on the wholesome development of an entrepreneur.

In addition to this, Aarambh-21 encompasses various things that will help in the betterment of the business by enlightening your business in the following ways:
• Working on the annual plan
• Meeting the coach personally
• Building a strong network

“In the modern era, these terms are interrelated as creativity, innovation, and intervention in entrepreneurship. Creativity involves ideas and concepts. Innovation is successful implementation having an impact on the economy and society. Invention is creating methodologies with the help of technology.” – Dr. Amit Andre

The world is moving towards digitalization. More and more businesses are using digital technologies to improve the business process for higher efficiency, low cost, and better control. And to do so, one needs proper planning and execution, plus right direction, that Aarambh-21 can provide. With years of relevant experience SILs can help one to grow their business by providing mentoring, coaching & most importantly executing it along with them. #KarKeDikhayege.

How will Aarambh help?
By the end of this session, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the vision pyramid to build a robust annual operating plan.
• Implement CPC cycles and identify the strengths and opportunities in the company to grow.
• Build a financial vision of 2021-22.
• Build up a strategic objective budget.
• Choose the right coach or consult that helps you direct your business in the direction you aspire

Let’s come together to plan, execute, grow and create higher value in the marketplace. SIL looks forward to serving participants with a lot of care, commitment, and handholding throughout the year, beginning with ‘Aarambh 21’. To know the schedule & details to participate please contact – [email protected]

About The School of Inspirational Leadership
The School of Inspirational Leadership (SIL) is a global digital platform assisting entrepreneurs to achieve professional and personal growth holistically. SIL is powered by world-class technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced facilitators, and proven tools and strategies to help businesses become more productive, profitable and sustainable. Team SIL’s mission is to be a friend, guide and a strong catalyst in transiting businesses from SMEs to growth-oriented enterprises, through business coaching for entrepreneurs. Our approach to consulting and coaching ensures that business success cascades to the social, personal, spiritual and family lives of entrepreneurs, benefitting the community and the country.