US looking to see follow-up actions from Russia after sharing ransomware info

Washington, Oct 13 (FN Agency) Russia took steps after the US shared information about ransomware activity being conducted from within its territory and Washington hopes to see more follow-up actions on it from the Kremlin, a senior administration official told reporters.

“We do look to the Russian government to address ransomware criminal activity coming from actors within Russia. I can report that we’d had in the experts group frank and professional exchanges in which we’ve communicated those expectations,” the official said. “We’ve also shared information with Russia regarding criminal ransomware activity being conducted from its territory. We’ve seen some steps by the Russian government and are looking to see follow-up actions.” The Biden administration on Wednesday and Thursday is participating in Counter-Ransomware Initiative meetings with over 30 countries from around the world to discuss ways to address the shared threat of ransomware attacks.