Fire at Tehran’s Oil Refinery Injures 11 People

Moscow June 3 (Bureau) Eleven people were injured after a fire broke out at an oil refinery in the southern part of Iran’s capital of Tehran, Emergencies Minister Peyman Saberian said on Thursday. “Eleven people have been injured in the fire so far. Four of them have been admitted to hospitals, and 7 have received medical care on the scene,” Saberian said, as quoted by the ISNA news agency.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Iran’s emergency department said that a man was wounded in a large fire that occurred on one of the refinery’s emergency gas lines. Shaker Khafaei, a senior press officer at the Tehran Oil Refining Co, said that sabotage was ruled out as a cause. He said that the fire was caused by a “technical problem.” An investigation had been opened into the accident.