Young girl murdred by her lover in Nashik

Nashik, Jan 14 (Agency) A shocking pattern has emerged in Nashik. A suspicious body of a young woman living at Boisar in Thane has been found in a hotel in Nashik. The body of a 21-year-old girl was found in a room in a hotel lodge on CBS on Wednesday evening. Police have arrested the suspected lover who was staying with the girl. Police have at first sight suspected that the girl was killed by squeezing her mouth. According to police, Tanmay Praveen Dhanwa (21, resident of Maswan, Kolipada, Palghar) and Archana Suresh Bhoir (20, resident of Kallale Mann, Boisar) had come to Nashik on Tuesday they were staying in a hotel room near CBS Signal in the city.

Tanmay and Archana’s mother, father and other relatives came to the hotel at around 5 pm on Wednesday. At this time, the hotel manager and other workers ran towards room number 203 on the second floor. At this time, Archana was found dead on the bed in the room and Tanmy was sitting in a corner of the room. The manager informed the police about this. On information, a team of Sarkarwada police arrived at the spot. When they examined Archana, they were convinced that she was dead. Police have arrested Tanmay for questioning. Police, meanwhile, have expressed suspicion that Archana died at first sight.