Armed dacoits loot cash & valuables worth Rs 15 lakh in Dhanbad

Dhanbad, Mar 1 (Agency) Armed dacoits looted cash and valuables worth nearly Rs 15 lakh from the house of a Saree trader located under Galfarbadi OP of this district. Police on Monday said that late Sunday night a group of six armed dacoits entered inside the house of Saree trader Mohammed Rashid Anwar and took his entire family hostage and decamped with cash worth nearly Rs 10 lakh and jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh.

Police said that the dacoits had entered into the balcony of the kitchen using a ladder from where they got inside the bedroom of the family and took everyone hostage and made the loot. The victim said that all the dacoits were around 20-25 years old and were wearing masks. Further probe was on.