Petrol, diesel prices rise again

New Delhi, Feb 4 (Agency) Petrol and diesel prices on Thursday reached record levels on Thursday after remaining stable for seven consecutive days. While petrol prices in the country are currently at record levels, the diesel prices are also at historically high levels except in Delhi. According to Indian Oil Corporation, petrol prices in the national capital Delhi on Thursday was raised by 35 paise touching to Rs 86.65 per liter.

Petrol in Mumbai rose by 34 paise to Rs 93.20 while in Kolkata it increased by 32 paise to Rs 88.01 per liter. Petrol price in Chennai increased by 31 paise and one liter petrol sold for Rs 89.13. For the first time, it has crossed Rs 93 in Mumbai and Rs 89 per liter in Chennai. The price of diesel rose by 35 paise to Rs 76.83 per liter in Delhi, which is a record level after July 30, 2020. Its price rose by 37 paise to Rs 83.67 in Mumbai, 33 paise in Chennai to Rs 82.04 and 33 paise in Kolkata to Rs 80.41 per liter.