HSL makers enters into export orders execution

Visakhapatnam, Apr 16 (FN Agency) Aiming to diversify into many commercial orders for ship repairs including import business for MRO in repairs, Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) on Friday announced it has entered into the niche market of export orders by docking a pipe laying vessel along with another foreign supply vessel ‘GO SIRIUS’ for repairs. This will HSL earn revenue in foreign exchange (US Dollars).

The pipe laying vessel named Lay Vessel North Ocean LV105 is of a US firm MCDERMOTT, which is used for deep sea pipe laying with electric propulsion and is the largest to be docked at 17000T light weight, HSL said in a release here. These types of ships are only 3 in the world. The docking of this vessel needed special skill sets due to the layout of heavy machinery on the ship and having a draft of 6.7 meters and also the dock block clearance was only 200 mm. All this entailed designing a new docking plan. The repairs to both these foreign vessels have been completed in 7-days by working continuously round the clock, even on weekends and festival holidays, thus setting a new benchmark in ship repairs by HSL, the release added.