HDFC Life launches HDFC Life Click2Wealth ULIP digital campaign – SirfSafeNahinSmartBhiBano

Kolkata, Dec 05 (Agency) HDFC Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, launched a new digital campaign that focuses on the role of Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) as part of a prudent financial plan. The campaign debunks the commonly held myths surrounding the ULIP category and highlights the unique features of HDFC Click2Wealth plan that make it an attractive customer proposition to achieve diverse life goals. Through the central message of ‘#SirfSafeNahiSmartBhiBano’, the brand aims to change the way consumers look at ULIPs. HDFC Life Click2Wealth is a product which that offers not only the dual benefits of protection and investments to customers but also addresses customer needs through features such as Return of Mortality Charges, Loyalty Additions to Fund Value, Free Fund Switches across 10 funds and many more.

The campaign, comprising of one main and two short films, features two characters – Meet (myth) and Jeet (myth burster). Meet and Jeet have opposite view points when it comes to their lifestyles, with Meet confessing to having doubts about investing in a unit linked insurance plan while Jeet dispels his doubts in a light hearted manner by subtly weaving HDFC Life Click2Wealth’s benefits into the narrative. Speaking on the campaign, Vishal Subharwal, EVP – E-commerce & Digital Marketing, said, “ULIPs can help customers invest in a systematic, disciplined manner across a range of asset classes to meet their life goals while protecting the downside with a life insurance cover. ULIP as a category is perceived by some as expensive and opaque. Through this campaign, featuring HDFC Life Click2Wealth, we want to burst myths surrounding ULIPs which impact purchasing decisions. HDFC Life Click2Wealth is a feature rich product that offers customers a bouquet of benefits to create long term wealth and income streams.” The campaign will be promoted across social media channels, YouTube and digital platforms to ensure maximum reach and visibility.