Why are unscientific ideas being presented in the Indian Science Congress? : Atul Londhe

Mumbai Jan 6 (FN Agency) In the ongoing Indian Science Congress at Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University, two individuals made unscientific and superstitious presentations the Indian Women’s Congress seminar. Kanchan Gadkari spoke about the importance of Haldi Kunku while BJP leader Kalpana Pandey said that drawing rangoli outside the house helps ward off evil spirits. Chief spokesperson of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee Atul Londhe has said that if rangoli wards off evil spirits, then send Kanchan Gadkari and Kalpana Pandey to the China-Pakistan border and let them draw rangolis there. Speaking in this regard, Atul Londhe said that due to scientific and technological progress, there have been many positive changes in people’s lives. Great progress has been made in many sectors including health, security, agriculture and the power sector.

In the ongoing Indian Science Congress at Nagpur University, social activist Kanchan Gadkari talked about the importance of Haldi-Kunku and co-presenter Kalpana Pandey advised that drawing rangoli outside the house does not bring evil forces in the house is inappropriate, this can be a belief, what is its use in science? Women scientists have rightly objected to this, and the Congress party also condemns this kind of thinking. At a time when it is necessary to talk about the scientific empowerment of women on, such unscientific ideas are being presented. These women namely Gadkari and Pandey have thwarted the purpose of the original program. Rangoli drawing, Haldi Kunku need not be associated with science. If all this is true, then why do we need Rafale, sophisticated weapons to keep our country safe? What is the need of DRDO? What is the need for Science Congress? Londhe also said that by raising such issues, this ideology is leading the country to decline and is dangerous for the progress of the country.