Nearly 7,000 women officers in Indian Army: Parliament told

New Delhi, Mar 17 (Agency) The total number of women serving in the Indian Army stands at 7,093, which includes 6,993 officers, while in the Indian Air Force the number of women officers stands at 1,636, and in the Indian Navy the strength of women officers is 748, Parliament was told. Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt, in his reply in the Lok Sabha, said the 6,993 women officers in the Indian Army include those in the Army Medical Corps (AMC)/ Army Dental Corps (ADC) and Military Nursing Service (MNS) officers). There are also 100 women serving in Other Ranks. In the Indian Air Force, at present, women are serving in Officer’s cadre only.

The strength of women officers, as on March 1, 2023, in the IAF (excluding Medical and Dental branches) is 1,636. In the Indian Navy, as on date, women are employed in the officer’s rank. The strength of women officers in the Indian Navy, as on March 9, 2023, is 748 including Medical and Dental officers, he informed. Employment in Indian Armed Forces is gender neutral. There is no distinction in the deployment and working conditions of male and female soldiers in the arms and services in which they serve. The postings are as per organizational requirements and employment is as per qualifications and service qualitative requirements, the MoS said. In the Indian Army, Consequent to grant of Permanent Commission to Women Officers (WOs), a gender neutral Career Progression policy covering employment and promotional aspects was promulgated on 23.11.2021, providing equal opportunities to women officers in the Arms/Services where they are commissioned.

Indian Air Force: Women officers are empowered to tenate key appointments including Commanding Officers in Combat Units of various field units. The rules in this regard are gender neutral and provide them equal opportunities. Their medical fitness and medical conditions are also factored prior to their effective utilization. Indian Navy: Officers are given opportunities for spouse co-location, re-settlement posting and compassionate grounds posting in a gender neutral manner, he informed. Women are granted Maternity Leave and Child Care Leave etc. in addition to other leave applicable to their male counterparts.