15 lakh vehicles without valid PUC to receive notice by next week

New Delhi, July 13 (FN Bureau) Delhi Government has decided to issue e-notices for the vehicles without valid PUC certificates with a deadline of one week, failing which a challan of Rs 10,000 will be issued against the violators. An application has been developed to carry out the task while a separate virtual court will be set up to start handling legal proceedings with the violators, officials told UNI. The government officials also informed that the process of sending e-notices will start by next week. Navlendra Kumar Singh, Joint Commissioner, Transport Department said that the decision has been taken after sending multiple reminders through different mediums to the vehicle owners whose PUC certificates were found redundant. He told UNI that around 15 lakh registered vehicles in the national capital currently don’t have valid PUC certificates.

“We have communicated to the owners through text messages reminding them to renew their vehicles’ PUC including public notices in the newspapers. Despite that, our database showed a huge pendency of vehicles whose PUC certification continues to remain expired. Now we are left with only option to start penalizing such vehicle owners in order to force them to update the PUCs,” he said. “The department will give a deadline of one week post issuing the notice to let the vehicle owners renew the PUC certificates, failing which challan of Rs 10,000 will be issued. We have developed an application to carry out the process,” the senior officer added. Singh also informed that a virtual court will be set up where the challans will be sent for further pursuance. “Once challans are issued, we will send them to the virtual court where it will be legally pursued further. The request has been made to the Hon’ble Delhi High Court for this. Our app is ready and will be operational once we receive a green signal from the apex court. We expect the process to start by next week,” he said. According to Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, every motor vehicle (including those conforming to BS-I/ BS-II/ BS-III/BS-IV as well as vehicles plying on CNG/LPG) is required to carry a valid PUC certificate after the expiry of a period of one year from the date of its first registration.