Start Digital Yoga with ex-Moodys N. Dayalu

In times like these, mental and physical health have taken a backstage. Especially for corporate employees, there are added stress triggers, including lay-offs, salary cuts, unpaid leaves, and improper work-life balance when working from home.
This week, on International Yoga Day, Mr. Nimish Dayalu, will be offering free Yoga sessions, offered on first-come-first-serve basis. During pre-COVID-19 times, organizations used to have occasional “stress-buster” yoga sessions. Now, due to work from home policies, all of that has come to a standstill. While elaborate diet plans and mild intoxicants are an easy relief, they are not a long-term solution. Yoga, in simplest words, is the key to a healthy mind, body, & soul. This gap between yoga sessions offered – and the ones required, prompted Mr. Nimish Dayalu, a corporate mogul, to start NamasteGozo – a coordinated Yoga training community, both via digital & corporate retreats.

Mr. Nimish Dayalu, Founder, NamasteGozo, stated, “At the peak of my corporate career at Moody’s & Moksh Consulting, there was a lot of international travel and great incentives; but it failed to amaze me. Being from a background that was deeply entrenched into Yoga & Vedic health & wellness, I come to know now that this was the missing piece from my life.” Empowered by a rich background of Vedic learnings & Yoga, 4 years back, Mr. Dayalu, just quit his lavish corporate lifestyle one day, and started helping his corporate peers channel stress & wellness problems, one session at a time. Within the past year alone, Mr. Dayalu has worked with 7+ corporate enterprises, provided Yoga sessions to 10k+ employees, and empowered hundreds of individuals, to eliminate stress from their life.

This Yoga Day, Mr. Dayalu has taken the initiative of helping the corporate employees rise above the usual stress & wellness issues. Many of his pioneering sessions are available on his Youtube Channel, Ultimate Freedom. For employees & decision-makers looking to start small with Yoga and try out a session, here’s a complete walk-through plan for ideal health & wellness. One can also sign up for special week-long sessions, free of cost.