Skincare 2021 – Top 6 trends in India

“We resorted to home treatments and such that could feebly replicate the treatments in a salon. We struggled, fretted and fumed as our skins reacted to the new norm, sometimes erupting and at other times dry & itchy (because of the use of masks), but never a dull moment (no pun here)!”

Sushant Raorane – Co-Founder Director Adroit Biomed Ltd

“So, what’s it going to be like in 2021? There are some conscious steps that we are taking and the new norm is going to be rather different. There will be much self-care that we would be indulging in and it looks like “conscious-living” would be the order of the day. In such a scenario, what would the trends that the skin care market will see in India and what kind of options are the Indian consumers going to engage with? Raorane addded.
A combination of master antioxidants like Glutathione with the frontline immunity boosting essential Vitamin C is a double whammy in ensuring excellent skin care high on the strength of immunity of the system. Naturally found in human cells but depleting with age, urban lifestyle traumas, pollution, weather conditions, et al; Glutathione arrests skin pigmentation and unwarranted dryness of the skin leading to various skin ailments including early-ageing.

It effectively reduces dark spots and brightens the overall complexion. The function of Glutathione is to neutralize free radicals that are most detrimental and cause destruction of body cells. It boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body leading to a stronger you that shows outwardly through your skin with that inner glow of strength. Vitamin C on the other hand holds the frontline position in immunity boosting. As an effective anti-oxidant, it not only neutralizes the free radical outburst but also improves motility of immune cells. Diet is the most natural way to boost glutathione levels. However, there are a variety of glutathione supplements which are available in the market.

Adroit Biomed’s Glutone range of products come in the form of effervescent water-soluble tablets. These have amazing immunity boosting, detoxing abilities, which when combined with its product Escor Z – made out of Phylanthus embilica (commonly known as “gooseberry” or “amla”) extract, is known to give superior results As per many celebrity dermatologists, 2021 would be the year of liquid facelifts. Much different from surgical facelift where your face would undergo a scalpel to contour, shape and make it look young & supple, minimally invasive procedures like the liquid facelifts involve injecting dermal fillers to plump up the skin.

The goal of such facelifts is to reduce the vagaries of urban lifestyle traumas, which our skin is subjected to. A darling of the western skincare, it had started making inroads much before the pandemic situation in India. Slowly and steadily it received wide acceptance and today, most dermatology clinics are providing this to their customers as there is rising demand. Also known as Ceramosides™, these are a vital source of ceramides in the body. Ceramides or polar lipids are responsible for keeping the skin hydration intact. In fact, these are your barriers from the potent moisture evaporating through your skin. Again, with our urban lifestyle, age, eating habits, rising pollution levels, there is a depletion of the vital ceramides from the body. These essential ceramides can be supplemented with natural or phyto-ceramides or Ceramosides™ which are made of Wheat Germ Oil. Available in the market in powder form, beverage form or in soft gel capsule form (like in the case of Skinfay capsules), these have demonstrated superior efficacy in skin moisturizing and skin-tightening, visibly in a fortnight, if taken daily. Because of the oral pathway of consumption, the effects are seen globally – including face, body and hair.

Taking oral moisturizers like Ceramosides™ will supplement the loss of ceramides your skin loses due to age, lifestyle, pollution, weather conditions, et al. Long-lasting effects can be seen as the phytoceramides bind the skin together, thus making it supple, improving skin elasticity, glowing from within. Indian beauty consumers have opened to the global skincare practice of collagen-based creams. Though yet not mass, these have a sizable market growth and growing consumer base for creams, serums & sheet masks. Known for giving a long-lasting impact, these would be a favourite in 2021.

From simple home-made masks to hand-held non-mechanical tools like jade rollers, to instagrammable devices, she has a lot at her beck & call. But what is rather important that she is giving much importance to self-care. The pandemic has pushed work-life into the virtual realm and we have become more accepting towards it. The erstwhile, perceptual gimmicky virtual / AI skin analysis are now being seriously indulged into by well-established brands and consumers are finding their solace there. Analysing and identifying skin concerns through image processing algorithms of your selfie uploads and your skin care history is here to stay. Brands are even pushing these personalized skin-care tech systems to the next level by curating & recommending personalized beauty products & regimes for its users. The pandemic has been a major disruptor within the cosmetics & the beauty market. People are more and more opting for products made of natural ingredients and shunning the synthetic. Phyto-ingredients, natural/herb made products would see a rise. 2021 will see a marked change in how the Indian beauty consumer intakes or disposes of beauty products.