Richmint World (RMW) Web 3.0 Based Utility Token Announces Listing on

Business Wire India​RMW (Richmint World), an ERC-20-based native token of RICHMINT DIGITECH SERVICES OÜ, Estonia, is listed on Exchange on 04 January 2023. Listed at $0.25, RMW quickly reached $2.23 with good and sustained volume, indicating a very influential interest and clear support for the RICHMINT Digitech vision among the community. Essentially, this represents a 2200% appreciation from the IEO sale price completed just a month back. Also over 1Billion tokens were sold in two rounds of pre-sale & ICO completed during Q1 2022. With the exponentially growing demand for adoption of Blockchain technologies across the globe, the RICHMINT team is constantly working to create relevant value in this space, and RMW will be the core token of the entire Richmint Ecosystem. Health care, Fashion, Real Estate, Education, EV Charging, and many more such business domains can use RMW for tokenizing Web 3.0-based use cases. Currently Richmint team is working closely with few Global customers to develop & deploy Blockchain –based Use-cases in all these business sectors.

“We are already working closely with many Companies to offer blockchain solutions to simplify their complex business processes and bring higher efficiency and focus on sustained revenue growth. With RMW as our utility native token, we aim to bring to market over the next 6 months, a number of use case solutions and deployments. Further having firm plans to launch Asset backed Stablecoin, Crypto Exchange, and Enterprise private Blockchain, Richmint Group has necessary core competencies and will be in a very strong position to offer a complete bouquet of end-to-end solutions to B2B customers,” says Sitapathy Chavali, Group CEO. “Our business objective is to support all Companies who have pledged to support ESG and Green-Earth initiatives. We intend to strengthen multi-folds as we launch RMW-based tokenization solutions for ESG Compliance Audits using IOT devices and Renewable Energy trading platforms,” he adds. Richmint will finalize the listing plans for RMW tokens on few more Global Exchanges & Decentralized Exchanges in the next couple of months to increase volume and liquidity for the RMW Token holders and community. A leading Web 3.0 Solutions Provider, Richmint Digitech Service OÜ Estonia, is aiming to be a leading provider of tokenized use case solutions for all consumers looking for Digital transformation of their businesses and benefiting from Blockchain Technologies.