Retirement Job Opportunities for Seniors & Retirees

There are plenty of flexible and remote jobs that are perfect for retirees and can be done from the safety and comfort of home. If your retirement plans include working part-time, flexibly, or even full-time, consider joining FlexJobs.

Retirement was once considered an exit from full-time work into full-time leisure. Research evidence indicates, however, that a growing number of retirees are reentering the labor force. Although a number of reviews have been conducted on retirement, there has been no comprehensive review of the increasing number of studies on work after retirement. It is time to take stock of the accumulated knowledge on postretirement employment that has been produced by scholars across multiple fields. Using the construct of employability as an organizing framework, this review examines post-retirement employment in light of the five key dimensions of employability: career motivation, human capital, social capital, identity, and personality. On the basis of this review, we identify trends and gaps in the literature and recommend major directions for future research on post-retirement employment.

Most people who work beyond retirement age – which is 65 years old, do so in “bridge” jobs that span the period between leaving a career and leaving the workforce altogether. Here are popular jobs for such senior old people.

Accounting and bookkeeping clerks use specialized computer accounting software, spreadsheets and databases to post financial transactions and produce financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Adjunct Faculty
Part-time faculty accounted for a significant portion of the instructional faculty at nonprofit colleges and universities – and you don’t always need a Ph.D. to snag one of these teaching jobs. While the pay is generally low – perhaps only a few thousand dollars per course – many retirees find the work fulfilling.Plus, once you’ve taught a course a couple of times, you won’t have to devote as many hours to class prep.

Event Coordinator/Planner
Even if you’ve never worked as an event planner, you may have planned (or helped plan) dozens of events over the years – birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and the like. You can put this experience to work to find a job or start your own business, tapping into your network of friends and family.

Project-Based Consultant
Rather than filling a full-time position, many companies will find a consultant to help with a specific project. This can be an excellent way to put your decades of experience to work without committing to a full-time job. Depending on your skill set and experience, it’s possible to earn upwards.

Retail Sales
Retail salespersons held about huge in and across country.Nearly one in three retail workers was employed part-time in 2020. These jobs may have an added perk: employee discounts for the products your store sells.

Teacher’s Assistant
Teacher assistants (or aides) work under the supervision of a licensed teacher to give students extra attention and instruction. They may work with an entire class, in small groups or one-on-one – in elementary, middle and high schools, preschools, and childcare centers. Many teacher assistants work on a part-time basis, and in most school systems, you’ll get your summers off.

The Bottom Line
More people are working past retirement age – for extra cash, to stay active and challenged, or some combination of reasons. Some switch to new jobs within the career fields where they worked for years. For others, however, a retirement job means trying something entirely new.
While the jobs listed here are popular among the 65-plus crowd, there are, of course, many other options for older adults – including working as a member of an event staff team (think: music and sport venues), a tour guide/docent, a patient advocate, or an online or in-person tutor.

Become a Sports Coach
Sick of the business world and want to get as far away as possible? You could go in the opposite direction and become a coach in the original sense: for a sports team. The pay isn’t fantastic at the amateur sports level. But you get to work outside, shaping young people’s values and skills and getting exercise into the bargain. You might even have experience as a parent coach and know the drill (pun intended) already.

Try to be as descriptive as possible, and use words that demonstrate your skills related to any jobs you’re seeking. Remember that you can also include volunteer activities to create more relevant experience and to fill employment gaps since retirement.