Moza Organic launches protein-rich anti-diabetic Spro Tone at WFI

Armed by its high-end processing and packaging units, Moza Organic launched a set of unique protein-rich sprouted cereals backed by intense research that guarantees diabetes-curbing quality to the products on par with allopathic medicines. Spro Tone, which was among the products formally unveiled at the World Food India-2023 (WFI) at the Pragati maidan in New Delhi on Friday, is a precision-backed mix of sprouted wheat, finger millet (ragi), horse gram, green gram, fenugreek and flaxseed. The powder, which can be consumed directly or by adding it to the batter for pancakes such as dosa and idli, was brought out as a result of studies by PhD student Rinta Susan Mathew under a Rs 1.5-crore scholarship at University of Manchester. At the November 3-5 WFI 2023, Kochi-headquartered Moza also launched Protino Naturo as a supplement containing essential macronutrients that can repair the human body, manage weight and tone the muscles.

It provides high-quality plant-based proteins with healthy amounts of dietary fiber that help neutralize bowel movements and reduce the risk of gut inflammation. Spro Tone, too, is natural and preservative-free, with healthy balanced diet that can tackle lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and obesity besides diabetes. Moza’s products Banagram and Banagrit, developed from cooking plantain and green gram, ensure digestive wellness of people with sensitive bowels. The products are on display at the stall of the Moza Organic, which was inaugurated by Mr Venu Rajamony, former Indian Ambassador to Netherlands, in the presence of former Jawaharlal Nehru University Professor Dr Pushpesh Pant and Dr V K Arora, Chairman and Managing Director, LT Foods.

The five-and-a-half-year-old company is also poised to launch ‘Mindful’, a dark chocolate which pioneers the inclusion of Vitamin D-3 in the country. “All these are a result of half-a-decade’s focused research,” according to Kamarudeen Mohamed, founder CEO of the company, which has five product divisions: organic food, edibles from seashells and hyacinths, chocolates, spices and organic pesticides. “Such experimentations and resultant products are essential, given that 2023 has been declared as the International Year of Millets,” the Moza Organics CEO said. “We are strengthening our research to come up with more such items.” WFI 2023, being organised at Pragati Maidan by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, seeks a global introduction to Indian food culture while also promoting investments in the country’s diverse food-processing sector.