IIT-Madras, CFI Research conclave showcases cutting-edge technology to Industry, Investors

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) students from the Centre for Innovation (CFI) on Saturday organised the second edition of the annual Research Conclave at the campus to show case cutting edge technological developments. Some of projects showcased at the conclave included Solar-powered race car, clean energy marine vessels and autonomous underwater vehicle for oceanographic exploration, a reusable sounding rocket, Braille book emulator, and sounds caping spectacles for the auditorily-impaired and fixed-wing UAVs for military surveillance. The objective was to showcase the cutting-edge technology developed by students to other academics, industry professionals and investors. Further, a ‘Competition Team Demo Day’ was also organized featuring the various prototypes developed by CFI competition teams in the last six months, a release from IIT-Madras said. The Research Conclave featured an impressive display of 73 projects, presented by 14 technical clubs and 7 competition teams. Over 800 students actively participated in this event, highlighting the widespread involvement and dedication to innovation. Applauding the innovations IIT Madras Alum Mr. Ravishankar Shiroor, Co-Founder and COO, Stellapps, an IIT Madras incubated start-up, said, “I am excited to be at the 2023 Research Conclave. Its the place where some of the brightest students of our country are innovating hands-on on the latest cutting edge of applying technology to solve real life problems.

If you want to see first-hand all the latest innovation from the best next-gen entrepreneurs, this is the place to be!” One of the largest student-run bodies in the country, CFI provides students with access to funding and state-of-the-art facilities including 3D printers, laser cutters and electronics workstations, among other facilities. So far, over 100 patents and many student-led start-ups have originated from CFI in various fields such as AI, robotics, biotechnology, electronics, and various other technology-driven sectors. Elaborating on the importance of bodies like CFI to nurturing innovation, Prof. Prabhu Rajagopal, Advisor (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), IIT Madras, said, “The research conclave is an important mid-year review of the social and innovative projects at CFI. it is an occasion to showcase the deep reaearch and concepts being explored by the club teams of CFI.”

He said “This year we are also co-conducting Triumph especially for the competition teams of CFI to showcase their cutting-edge products that have won acclaim at international events through the last couple of months. The response of students, faculty and industry to the showcases has been overwhelming and propels us forward in our journey of excellence.” Elaborating on the outcomes envisaged from the event, Mr. Sarthak Saurav, Student Executive Head, CFI-IIT Madras, said, “The Research Conclave is expected to create opportunities for students to collaborate with industry professionals and investors. By showcasing our work, the current students aim to inspire and encourage incoming students to engage in innovative endeavours. This year’s edition boasts participation from a wider range of sectors and domains within the technology field. The number of student teams and members involved in presenting their projects has grown, he said.