Indian Chat Company Triumphs Regular Instant Messaging

Recent privacy policy changes by the largest instant messaging app has prompted a large number of Indians to switch to other apps. One of the apps that have struck a chord with many is the desi app CitizenChat. It fosters real bonds among people across the globe irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, or geography and facilitates seamless communication. The in-app translator has over 100 languages that allow users to communicate in their native language.

“The most exciting part of this app is, it is launched in India, a place where there is a perfect amalgamation of different cultures, languages, and ethnicity itself,” says Malli Matla COO CitizenChat App. CitizenChat is an all-in-one solution to users’ various needs. Apart from day-to-day communication, users can build personal and professional networks with this app. Its logo has two C’s (‘C’ from Citizen and Chat) intertwined like a knot which is symbolic of connections among various entities. Its name is the epitome of the rights of a ‘citizen’ and the power of communication. The UI and UX designs of CitizenChat are user-friendly. “Together we grow stronger” is the core philosophy of this app. It enhances community development and has many unique features that give it a competitive edge over other market players.

Key Features of CitizenChat
• Allows users to create amazing video content with a wide range of video editing tools.
• Possesses a ‘Duet Mode’ feature that will help users gain popularity overnight.
• Allows users to create hashtags to globalize their content.
• High-quality audio/video calls with end-to-end encryption.
• Advance tracking systems to find and connect with people in the neighborhood and across the globe.
• Allows users to enhance their profiles through many value-added features.
• Allows users to share their friend’s profiles along with their individual and business profiles.
• Has unique features like ‘CC Projects’ and ‘CC Features’.
• Users can follow different entities like friends, family, influencers, content creators, celebs, and companies.
• Has a ‘premium’ profile option to increase visibility and enjoy special privileges.
• Allows users with a preference for dark backgrounds to create profiles in ‘dark mode’.
• Offers monetization possibilities through clickable ads and in-app purchases on the homepage, audio/video calls, company/premium profiles, and courses page.

CitizenChat is a great platform for users especially influencers, vloggers, and video content creators. Users can add music, voiceovers, visual effects, filters, stickers, polls, and texts to their videos. They can adjust the volume and speed of their videos too. Users can post their creations and precious moments using video thumbnails. They can tag their friends, add descriptions, enable/disable comments, and upload videos in public/private mode. Thus, users can make their content available to all or a selected few. Besides, they can like, share, save, or download content posted by others. It is also a great tool for influencers to personally connect with their followers and treat them with amazing content. The ‘Duet Mode’ feature allows users to voice their opinions on burning issues, synchronize music with videos, react to videos uploaded by others, or participate in challenges. Thus, a user can become an influencer or an overnight sensation through this feature. Existing influencers can get more followers and improve their fan engagement rate.

The ‘hashtags’ page displays all trending hashtags. Users can follow hashtags of their choice and view some amazing posts therein. They can also create new hashtags for their posts. The ‘chat’ page displays all recent chats. All communication is quick and secure.”We hope the onset of this app makes communication streamlined”. The app has all the safety features in place to protect your privacy and you can rest be assured about the same. We hope it will bolster and make the world of chatting apps more streamline,” quotes Spokesperson Malli Matla COO CitizenChat App. Users can create groups, associate with like-minded individuals, add participants, and appoint group administrators. There is absolutely no restriction on the number of participants per group. The ‘Connections’ page displays the friends’ list of a user. Users can view pending connection requests here. They can either accept or reject the request. Connections that are not frequently accessed can be archived too.

The ‘Notification Centre’ displays call history and job notifications. Users can also delete the call history and notifications. Past messages can be easily traced too. Users can easily maneuver through their profiles with CitizenChat. They can view their posts, convey their moods, edit settings and preferences, share personal information, and refer friends. They can add a video introduction too. This feature helps users to make their profiles impactful. Adding beautiful chat wallpapers and screen savers further enhances users’ profiles. Professional details can also be disclosed in the profile. Adding a business card or resume allows them to directly apply to jobs. They can share their profile with prospective employers and employers can also easily find suitable candidates. It’s a win-win for job-seekers and employers. Besides, affiliate marketing is possible with the profile share feature. The ‘CC Projects’ page allows users to post ideas and projects. They can invite project participation from their connections or registered users. They can create and participate in an attractive contest and win big. On the other hand, the ‘CC Courses’ page offers users a wide range of courses for personal and professional development.

About CitizenChat
CitizenChat is a global app that promises 100% unlimited entertainment through its unique features. It allows users to create fresh and exclusive content. It enhances personal relationships and opens a wide range of professional opportunities too. Thus, CitizenChat is an app that is a one-stop solution for instant messaging, content creation, and professional or personal networking.