Baapstore: A Dropshipping Transformation in Ecommerce Businesses

As the pandemic broke out and the e-commerce market saw an evidential change, dropshipping soon became a solution for online sellers. A 7 percent year-on-year increase was recorded in 2020 with dropshipping and e-commerce reaching over $4 billion in the last 10 years. Dropshipping is gaining popularity and is transforming into a future trend. Baapstore was quick to understand this growing demand way back in 2016. Karthic Gurnani the founder of Baapstore oversaw the future demand and helped sellers to sell online even during the pandemic.

Scale An Ecommerce Business with Dropshipping on Baapstore
Dropshipping in India is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to scale their e-commerce business. Dropshipping offers sellers to accept orders from customers without keeping products in stock. The chain management system of dropshipping allows an entrepreneur to cut down their worry on storing, packing, and shipping the products. One Baapstore subscription can be an answer to many e-commerce questions.

  1. Assured Wholesale Prices
    Baapstore says the secret behind their client-sellers’ success is access to products at exact wholesale prices. One may wonder how a company can provide inventory at Wholesale prices for single orders too, but that’s the motto of Baapstore. They take zero commission on sales. Product tags will be printed with the seller’s brand.
  2. Dropship Multiple Product Categories on Baapstore
    Dropshipping on Baapstore allows sellers to resell Indian Products at an affordable wholesale price. Multiple options are offered to sellers, allowing them to pick their desired products and display prices on the products. Baapstore also dropships branded products including Jockey, Triumph, Trylo, Enamor, and other top brands’. The only dropshipping platform across the world to provide branded products.
  3. Sell on Any Ecommerce Platform And Deliver Throughout the Globe
    Baapstore sellers can sell on any platform like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more. Additionally, a seller can use social media, chat tools, and email to sell their products. Baapstore offers free shipping to 26000+ Indian pin codes, provides tracking numbers for products, and same-day shipment to international locations.
  4. Personal Ecommerce Website
    The subscription to Baapstore provides sellers their own smart e-commerce website. Get a brand E-commerce website with 5 out-of-the-box design themes, complete admin access, free cloud hosting, and pre-integrated products, shipping, payment gateways. The website will offer free tools such as Bulk Import and Export, Marketing tools, and more.
    5.Automated Updates on Stock and Free Marketing Tools
    Baapstore offers a smart e-commerce website, equipped with auto-updates on stocks and automated features for adding new products. There is absolutely no manual labor to maintain the e-commerce website. This smart website includes free marketing tools with a Coupon Code Generator tool, affiliate marketing tool, and more.
    To understand Baapstore’s approach read MyStory’s interview with Karthic Gurnani, who strongly believes that ‘one should completely focus on sales and profit without worrying about the technicalities of e-commerce platforms’.
    Customer Experience on Baapstore: Manjunath, a 44-year-old businessman based in Delhi, spoke about increasing his profit margin in an interview stating, Baapstore’s contribution to his business. Since 2009 he has sold products online through various e-commerce platforms including his website. However, the profit that he incurred never pleased him. Sooner he started to look for services to cut off some extra costs and scale his online business. During his research period, he found Baapstore’s dropshipping services. He stated that “As an experienced online seller, it is the one best decision I ever made – to subscribe to Baapstore services.”
    He also added, “The one thing that attracted me most in Baapstore is access to sell products worth crores.” He also appreciates how he has to involve zero time and effort in managing his e-commerce business. His sales revenue has increased drastically. The diamond subscription model on Baapstore helps him deal with technical e-commerce solutions such as shipping, packing, and maintaining an inventory.

About Baapstore
Baapstore is the child company of Uptail Private Limited and is located in Chennai with multiple warehouses located across India. It is also India’s first dropshipping providers and remains to be an industry leader. Baapstore remained in this position for understanding the sellers’ requirements thoroughly and streamlining their businesses. As customers rely more on e-commerce services and prioritize fast servicing, dropshipping has skyrocketed. Previously in traditional marketing stock of goods mattered the most. But in the era of digitization, marketing and selling a product is vital. Dropshipping services like Baapstore can be turned into a platform for goods management and technical tasks. While the sellers can freely focus on selling and marketing the products online.