US helped enroll over 9mln Afghan children in schools

Kabul, Jan 25 (FN Agency) The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has ensured that over 9 million children in Afghanistan have access to education, more than 3 million of them girls, the US charge d’affaires said Sunday. “Ensured over 9 million children here are now enrolled in school; Printed/distributed more than 170 million textbooks; and enrolled over 3 million Afghan girls in community-based education classes,” Ross Wilson tweeted. The US state agency has been working with local authorities and international donors to increase access to education for all Afghans. It has trained more than 480,000 teachers and helped establish 8,440 community-based education and accelerated learning classes. The Afghan Ministry of Higher Education estimates that around 300,000 Afghans students now attend public and private universities in the country, including some 100,000 women.