Jordan reports three cases of Indian coronavirus strain

Moscow, May 2 (Agency) Jordan now has three confirmed cases of the Indian variant of COVID-19, according to the country’s Health Minister Feras Al Hawari. “Two cases were registered in Amman and one in Zarqa in people who did not travel,” Al Hawari said as quoted by Al-Mamlaka TV.

According to Jordan’s Health Ministry, the country has more than 712,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and the COVID-19 death toll stands at over 8,870. The so-called “double mutant” strain of the coronavirus detected in India in March has already spread to a number of other countries, including France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and the UK. The Indian variant (B.1.617), as well as B.1.618, another lineage of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, has prompted some countries to impose temporary travel limitations restricting passenger traffic with India.