Anand Pandit distributes meals to 8000 children on Big B’s 80th b’day

New Delhi, Oct 11 (Agency) To mark megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s 80the birthday today, his long-time friend and associate of the icon producer Anand Pandit, has distributed 8000 meals in orphanages across Mumbai and Gujarat.He has also donated 800 hearing aids to senior citizens and kids in Mumbai. “At a time when most people would be content to wind down and enjoy the fruits of their labour, Mr Bachchan is at the peak of his powers as an actor and continues to strike awe in the hearts of his millions of fans. Completing eight ‘parikramas’ around the earth with such joy and magnificence is no small milestone and I wanted to make a special gesture to celebrate this momentous day,” Pandit said in a statement.

Pandit explained the motive behind this extraordinary gesture and added, “As a fan, I watched every Bachchan film on the big screen and then had the privilege of working with him in couple of films. What I have learnt from observing him is that human-beings have an immense power to not just achieve extraordinary success for themselves but to also inspire others to dream big and achieve unimaginable glory. The impact he has had on others through his life and work is immeasurable and I wanted to pay a tribute to the man and his legacy by making this gesture.”