CBI arrests Jr Engineer, Military Engineer Services for accepting bribe of Rs 32,000

Hyderabad, Feb 8 (Agency) The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Junior Engineer, Military Engineer Services, Visakhapatnam, while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs.32,000 from the complainant. A case was registered against the JE, MES (ND), Visakhapatnam on the allegations that the complainant was awarded contract with certain works worth Rs.20,92,470 (approximately) and he completed the said works. It was further alleged that the complainant received Rs.6 Lakh against first bill and submitted the remaining bills to the office of AGE, B/R-II, MES, Visakhapatnam.

A CBI release on Monday said, the complainant met the Junior Engineer to enquire about pending bills, under whose supervision, the complainant executed the work of Rs.4 Lakh. The Junior Engineer allegedly demanded Rs.32,000 for certifying the bills and asked the complainant to pay the amount at his office. It was also alleged that the accused told the complainant that if he failed to pay the amount, his remaining bill amount would be stopped by sending adverse observations. CBI laid a trap and caught the accused red handed while demanding and accepting the bribe of Rs.32,000 from the complainant.