Pharma Industry has more employment potential : Gadkari

New Delhi, Jan 20 (Mayank Nigam) Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Friday asserted that the Pharmaceutical Industry is very important for the country as it has more employment potential in India. Gadkari was addressing the 72nd Indian Pharmaceuticals Congress (IPC) gatherings, held at Jamnalal Bajaj Administrative Building, RTM University campus, here. He said the pharmaceutical industry is very important for the country as it has more employment potential. The minister also said that this is the industry which is giving more GST to State and Central governments. “This is the industry which contributes for more exports and this is one of the reasons that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has dreamt to make Indian economy as $ 5 trillion dollars economy”, Gadkari said. And hence we need to increase our exports and need to reduce our imports, Gadkari said.

“India is on the path of “self reliance “(Aatmanirbhar)by following the vision of the PM Modi by boosting investment economic growth and employment creation to achieve sustainable development, however, we need to reduce imports “, Gadkari emphasised. He further said this is the field wherein huge potential that you can make good research and by which making good quality products and reducing the cost, we will be more competitive in international market. The Union Minister also said today knowledge is the power and conversion of knowledge into wealth, is the future. He also said this is the field which is very important for progress and development of our country. “We need more research and then research and knowledge is the most important capital for the futuristic development”, Gadkari stated. The all futuristic technology which we are developing are very important for our country, he added.