FICCI and Meta to digitally enable 5 lack women entrepreneurs

New Delhi, Sep 26 (Mayank Nigam) Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and Meta, jointly with FLO Hyderabad and We Hub, organised a Workshop on ‘Leveraging social media tools for Women-led Small and Medium Businesses’ on Monday. The workshop was the first in the series of offline engagements to be organised across India under the partnership between Meta’s #SheMeansBusiness programme and FICCI-FLO’s ‘Empowering the Greater50’ mission to digitally enable 500,000 women entrepreneurs across India.

In addition, expert trainers would also conduct online workshops through the Greater50 Facebook page. Women entrepreneurship is an untapped opportunity which can significantly accelerate India’s growth. The workshop aims to train women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using social media and gain in-depth knowledge of digital tools and critical aspects of digital marketing. The workshop participants also received hands-on training using Meta Business Coach, an interactive WhatsApp chatbot. In her welcome address on the occasion, FICCI Past President and Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Joint Managing Director Dr Sangita Reddysaid, “FICCI’s Empowering the Greater 50 mission has combined synergies with the #SheMeansBusiness program of Meta, which fully recognises the importance of technology, especially social media, to enable a supportive environment for women-led SMBs to grow and sustain”.

She noted that India is moving at a tremendous pace on its journey towards being a digitally empowered society, and the power of connecting and using technology to empower women is intuitively coming to us. Telangana government Principal Secretary (IT and Industries) Jayesh Ranjan,said, “Today, successful entrepreneurship requires digital skills and a drive for innovation. The digitalisation of production processes and adoption of digital tools & technology by businesses allow for new business models and facilitate the realisation of entrepreneurial projects.” WE Hub CEO Ms Deepthi Ravula, said we can proudly say that the association between WE Hub and FICCI exhibits commitment towards this ethos”. She also thanked Meta for being part of this journey to scale up women entrepreneurs. Ms Shubhra Maheshwari, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter, highlighted the importance of digital platforms in women-led businesses. The event also witnessed participation from Madhu Singh Sirohi, Head of Policy Programs and Outreach, India, at Meta.