Virat Kohli holds highest brand value among Indian cricketers

New Delhi, Dec 30 (FN Bureau) Indian captain Virat Kohli’s brand value is the highest among all Indian cricketers, according to the report by Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company. Checkbrand, an online sentiment analysis company, has released data about the online sentiments of top cricket stars in the country. As per the report, the most trending (Twitter, Google Search, Wiki, YouTube, etc) player was Yuvraj Singh in the last quarter (1622) followed by Rohit Sharma (1591) and Virat Kohli (1574), Harbhajan Singh (1376) and Parthiv Patel (1362). It was interesting to note that three retired players were amongst the top three trending players in last quarter.

This is the first quarterly analysis report on the latest trending Indian cricketers by any agency in the Country. Checkbrand analyzed data for 45 top players on social media for the period of August – October 2020. Virat Kohli has taken the top position when it comes to engagement on social media at 1.1 lakhs followed by Mahendra Singh Dhoni 1.02 lakhs, Rohit Sharma at 0.80 lakhs, Kapil Dev at 0.51 lakh and HardikPandaya at 0.40 lakh. Four cricketers had zero engagement Rahul Dravid, Piyush Chawla, Axar Patel and Sunil Gavaskar. Top three positions are undertaken by ex-cricketers when it comes to mentions. Kapil Dev has the highest mentions in the last quarter 8.8 lakhs, Dhoni at 6.2 lakhs, Irfan Pathan at 4.27 lakhs, ViratKohli at 3.45 lakhs.

Umesh Yadav has the maximum positive sentiment at 86.3 per cent followed by Yuvraj Singh at 85.6 per cent, Suresh Raina at 74.8 per cent, Ashwin at 73.4 per cent and Kapil Dev at 73.7 per cent. Virat Kohli is the clear winner when it comes to overall brand score with 43.94, followed by Yuvraj Singh 40.40, Sachin Tendulkar 37.51, Umesh Yadav 35.91, Suresh Raina 35.01 and Dhoni at 34.80. The overall score is measured out of 100. Five parameters have been considered for devising this score which is followers (20), trends (10), sentiment (30), engagement (20) and mentions (20). The Indian Captain’s brand value in monetary terms basis the engagement and followers stood at INR 3.28 billion, for Sachin Tendulkar at INR 1.67 billion, followed by MS Dhoni at INR 1.24 billion, Rohit Sharma at INR 0.96 billion and Suresh Raina at INR 0.60.

Speaking on the sentiment analysis, Mr Anuj Sayal, MD, ADG Online and said, ”The mentions for Kapil Dev were the highest and engagement was in the top five players due to the biopic movie on the cricketer. Despite low performance during the IPL MS Dhoni has stayed in top 5 positions in almost all the parameters apart from trends. Sachin’s brand value is the second highest amongst all the cricketers.” ”This is our first report and we plan to add more interesting anecdotes in our next quarterly report. We wanted to create a platform which could help brands understand their real value in terms of presence on Digital media on a real-time basis. We are eager to work for them and help them improve their overall digital presence,” he added.