UP govt achieves 92 pc of revenue target of 2020-21 financial year

Lucknow, Feb 5 (FN Agency) The year 2021 started on a promising note in terms of revenue collection for Uttar Pradesh government, as the taxable and non-tax revenue collection of the Yogi Adityanath government has increased by Rs 2796 crore in January 2021 as compared to the figure in the same month in 2020. While the revenue collection in January 2020 was about Rs 9,921 crore, it was Rs 12,717 crore in January 2021. The government has achieved 92 per cent of its revenue target two months before the completion of the financial year 2020-21, official sources said, here on Friday.

Besides handling the Covid-19 pandemic successfully, the policies of the Yogi government also ensured that the state’s economy has minimum effect during the period. As far as the GST collection is concerned, the total revenue collection in Jan 2021 was Rs 4,290 crore as compared a collection of Rs 4,166 crore in January 2020. Similarly, the VAT collection in January 2021 was Rs. 2235 crore as compared to Rs.1788 crore in 2020, sources said. The revenue collection in the Excise head increased by Rs 1778 crore as it was Rs 3472 crore in January 2021 as compared to Rs 1694 crore in 2020.

The clear stance of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath against land mafias must have given impetus to real estate sector. There has been an increase of Rs 346 crore in January 2021 in the revenue collection in stamp and registration as it was about Rs 1747 crore in January 2021 as compared to Rs. 1400 crore in January 2020. The revenue collection in geology and mining saw an increase of Rs 118 crore as it was about Rs 353 crore in January 2021 as compared to Rs 235 crore in January 2020.