SCR workshops register record POH out-turn during 2020 year

Hyderabad, Jan 8 (Agency) South Central Railway’s three workshops – located at Lallaguda, Rayanapadu and Tirupati, witnessed exemplary performance and put-in stellar performance during the year 2020 despite posing new challenges in the maintenance scheduling of both the rolling stock (Coaches and Wagons) during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown for some period. During the year, Lallaguda workshop and Carriage Repair Shop, Tirupati gave out-turn of 1514 coaches and 1035 coaches respectively while the Rayanapadu workshop achieved out-turn of 5371 wagons.

In fact, both the Lallaguda workshop and Rayanapadu workshop have achieved their highest Out-turn since their inception in the month of December 2020. While Lallaguda workshop achieved out-turn of 166 coaches, the Rayanapadu Workshop achieved an out-turn 610 wagons. In addition, the Rayanapadu workshop has turned-out 9 closed-circuit rakes (CC rakes) which can run for a longer duration before their next POH (Periodic Over-hauling) activity. In addition, all these workshops are way ahead in digital activities with 100 per cent implementation of e-Office in their working. Apart from this, Lallaguda Workshop has been adjudged with the best energy-efficient unit by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2020.

Other innovations like conversion of ICF type coach into restaurant car by Tirupati workshop and conversion of VPR coach into NMG coach by Lallaguda workshop are worth mentioning. While Carriage Repair Workshops at Lallaguda and Tirupati undertake Coach maintenance and repair works, the workshop at Rayanapadu undertakes Wagons maintenance and repair works. The three workshops performance has been crucial in getting both the coaches and wagons ready for day-to-day operations for the benefit of both the passenger and freight customers. Both the Coaching and Wagon stock require POH so that all their components and parameters are of the best standard and are in a safe condition for the coach/wagon to run.

The continuous focus is given for the movement of essential commodities meant that the Workshops had to turn-out wagons faster, while the gradual and incremental increase in the running of number passenger train services meant increasing requirement of fit coaching stock. To meet this requirement, meticulous planning was done so that POH out-turn of both coaches and wagons have been maintained at highest levels with least cycle time. In a statement, SCR General Manager Gajanan Mallya has appreciated the consistent performance exhibited by the employees and workers of the Workshops even during the pandemic times. He also opined that these activities of workshops have contributed a lot in the transportation of freight traffic and helped in serving the Nation during the hour of need by balancing the supply chain of essential goods. He instructed the officials to show the same tempo in the year 2021.