Raniwala 1881 Unveils their new Bridal Collection

Jaipur, Mar 5 (FN Agency) The long-standing Jaipur-based brand known for its award-winning jadau pieces, Raniwala 1881, is pleased to announce the launch of ‘Beawar Legacy’, their 2020-21 collection of bridal jewellery. The collection acknowledges and pays tribute and honours the brand’s rich heritage and legacy that stems from the town of Beawar in Rajasthan that started with the late visionary forefather, the aristocrat Rai Bahadur Seth Champalal-ji Raniwala. Specialists in jadau jewellery, the Raniwala family continues to create award-winning pieces with the finest gemstones in traditional, artisanal techniques and remains the leading name behind most jadau and polki collections found in the country these days. The brand caters to its bespoke B2C and B2B clientele with collections ranging from delicate, ready-to-wear jadau to traditional bridal-wear through its Experience Centre in Jaipur.

The ‘Beawar Legacy’ collection from Raniwala 1881 stems from not just metaphorical, but also literal inspirations rooted in the family’s Beawar haveli. The design language comes from the palatial structure. Its history and splendour are resonated in every piece. Furthermore, a deep dive into the Raniwala 1881’s family archives and albums brought to life the individualistic sensibilities of the formidable women from the founders’ family. The result is a collection of modern classics for the bride of 2021.

Speaking about the new collection, Abhishek Raniwala, Co-Founder & Creative Director – Raniwala 1881, says, “The soul of Raniwala 1881 lies in preserving and celebrating the culture of Rajasthan – this is our legacy that has remained unchanged since 1881. As we grow, it is very easy for values to be replaced by misplaced ambition. But I am proud to say that this legacy and authentic identity has survived in our brand philosophy.” The narrative of this collection is centred around three sisters of style and substance, as they return to their ancestral home in Beawar. Women of the world, it is now time for them to reconnect with their heritage. But simply an ode to a bygone era is not what they set out to accomplish – the intention is to embrace their roots while burnishing them with modern a flair and a global outlook.

As the sisters return to their ancestral home, they walk down the chequered-floored corridors, lined with gilded pillars and hand-painted walls. Every turn is home to a treasure trove of artefacts lovingly collected from around the world. Every mosaic door leads to a different chapter of the family’s history; the parlour that was once always buzzing with guests; the courtyard that has seen generations grow up and the domed terraces where peacocks delighted the family with surprise visits. Every corner evokes memories of a bygone era; echoing with the hopes, dreams, and laughter of the many generations who built their lives in the Raniwala haveli. The Beawar family home is more than just an ancestral home – it lays at the heart of what connects the Raniwala family’s past with its present and future – a celebration of what was, what is and what will be.