‘Bamboo art work will be encouraged’

Hamirpur (HP) Mar 4 (FN Bureau) Deputy Commissioner Devasweta Banik has said that the district administration will encourage the artisans of bamboo and the art works made by them would be arranged for better marketing of these articles. Deputy Commissioner gave this information after inspection and observation of bamboo handicrafts training camp at village Gharoh of Jhalan, Gram Panchayat of Nadaun subdivision on Thursday. Women, youth and bamboo artisans of the region are participating in this one-month camp being organized by the Department of Industries.

Devasweta Banik said that during the Golden Himachal and other government celebrations only bamboo artifacts will be given as gifts and commemorations. Apart from this, stalls will be made available to bamboo artisans and their artifacts during various fairs, festivals and other events. She said that arrangements will also be made for marketing bamboo articles through other means. This will give good income to bamboo craftsmen and they will get good employment at home. The Deputy Commissioner said that there are very good possibilities of bamboo handicrafts in Hamirpur district. The possibilities of bamboo handicrafts in the district Hamirpur have been strengthened after the prestigious Padma Shri award to Nadaun craftsman Kartar Singh Saunkhale, who has mastered this art.

Devashweta Banik said that apart from Gharoh in Hamirpur district, bamboo handicrafts training camps were being organized in villages Kareer, Kashmir, Nalty, Beed-Bagehra and Bhukkad. On this occasion, General Manager of the District Industries Center, Vijay Chaudhary informed that a training camp is being organized from February 8 to March 8 in the village Ghadoh to promote bamboo handicrafts. In this camp, Padmashri Kartar Singh Saunkhale and NIFT instructor are training women, youth and other bamboo artisans of the region.