Putin believes Russia will overcome all difficulties in 2021

Moscow, Dec 31 (FN Bureau) The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, the fight against it does not stop for a second, but in 2021 Russians will be able to overcome all difficulties and restore normal life through their common effort, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his traditional New Year address. As Russia stretches across 11 time zones, residents of Anadyr and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy are the first to watch Putin’s address, as they start celebrating the holiday when it is only 15:00 in Moscow (12:00 GMT).

“Today, it is especially important to believe in ourselves, not to retreat in the face of difficulties, to preserve our unity, as this is the basis of our future common success. I am sure we will overcome everything together, we will restore and maintain normal life, and keep solving tasks that Russia faces in the coming third decade of the 21st century with renewed vigor,” Putin said. The coronavirus pandemic has not completely receded yet, and not all the Russians celebrate the holiday with their families, the president recalled. “Not all of us are at the New Year table right now. Many people remain in hospitals, and I am confident they all feel support of family and friends. I wholeheartedly wish you to overcome the disease and come back home as soon as possible, Unfortunately, we have not yet completely stopped the epidemic.

The fight against it does not stop for a minute. Our doctors, nurses and ambulance crews continue their courageous work. Many of them are on duty tonight,” Putin continued. The Russian leader also praised the responsible approach of emergency services staffers, peacekeepers, army and fleet. “Thanks to all those who are on duty day and night, in all circumstances, Russian citizens can calmly gather at home with their loved ones today, with hope for the best and plans for the future, they can celebrate thew New Year and make a wish,” Putin went on to say, inviting Russians to dream of peace, happiness and joy. Putin thanked Russians for their sense of comradeship and wished them health, love and success.