Prices of petrol and diesel rise for ninth straight day

New Delhi, Feb 17 (FN Agency) Petrol and diesel prices witnessed a rise for the ninth consecutive day in the domestic market here on Wednesday despite crude oil prices remaining by and large stable in the international market.

According to the public sector oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation(IOC), in the National Capital, the prices of petrol and diesel both saw a rise by 25 paise each per litre. With this rise the price of petrol in New Delhi has now reached Rs 89.54 per litre and diesel Rs 79.95 per litre. In fact with the latest rise, the prices of petrol and diesel have both risen to record levels in several cities across the country. The new year has so far not been good for petrol and petroleum products. In the months of January and February, the prices of petrol has risen for a total of 21 days, but in these 21 days petrol has become dearer by Rs 05.73 per litre. Like petrol, the price of diesel is also moving up towards record high.

In the new year, in 21 days diesel had become dearer by Rs 06.08 per litre. In the four metro cities of the country the prices or petrol and diesel per litre have risen thus,