Petrol and diesel prices at record level

New Delhi, Feb 12 (FN Bureau) Fuel prices were again hiked for the fourth straight day on Friday with petrol prices touching record levels and diesel prices also at historically high levels except in the National Capital. According to the Indian Oil Corporation, the largest oil marketing company in the domestic market, petrol in the in Delhi was costlier by 29 paise today at Rs 88.14 per litre. Petrol in Mumbai increased by 28 paise to Rs 94.64 while in Kolkata it spiked by 28 paise to Rs 89.44 per litre.

Its price in Chennai upped by 26 paise and one litre of petrol is being sold at Rs 90.44. In Mumbai, it has crossed Rs 94 for the first time and is being sold at Rs 90 per litre in Chennai for the first time. The price of diesel rose 35 paise to Rs 78.38 per litre in Delhi, which is a record level after 30 July 2020. Diesel price rose 38 paise to Rs 85.32 in Mumbai, 34 paise to Rs 83.52 in Chennai and 35 paise to Rs 81.96 per litre in Kolkata.