No plans to enter contract farming :Reliance industries

Mumbai, Jan 4 (Agency) Mukesh Ambani Controlled Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) on Monday said that company has no plans of entering contract or corporate farming and it has not purchased any agricultural land in India for the purpose of contract farming. “Reliance Retail Limited (RRL), Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL), or any other affiliate of our parent company, i.e., Reliance Industries Limited have not done any “corporate” or “contract” farming in the past, and have absolutely no plans to enter this business,” a company releases said .

RIL further said that the company will today file a writ petition against vandalism in Punjab & Haryana HC, adding that vested interests are taking advantage of farmers’ agitation to launch an incessant, malicious & motivated vilification campaign against the company, which has absolutely no basis in truth. It does not purchase food grains directly from farmers and its suppliers buy from farmers only at the Minimum Support Price (MSP) level. “We shall insist on our suppliers to strictly abide by the Minimum Support Price (MSP) mechanism, and/or any other mechanism for a remunerative price for farm produce, as may be determined and implemented by the government,” RIL said. The company urged the High Court to issue a suitable order to help protect its employees and property from vandalism.

“We at Reliance have immense gratitude and the greatest respect for India’s kisans, who are the ‘ANNA DATA’ of 1.3 billion Indians,” the company said. “As customers of their services, we believe in building a strong and equal partnership with Indian farmers on the basis of shared prosperity, inclusive development and an equitable New India.” Company further added that Reliance wishes to sincerely thank the authorities, especially the police, of Punjab and Haryana, for their action against miscreants so far. This has reduced the incidents of vandalism in recent days. However, our company, through its Petition in the Honourable High Court, has sought punitive and deterrent action against miscreants and vested interests, so that Reliance can run all its businesses smoothly in Punjab and Haryana once again. ‘We urge the public and the media to be aware of the correct facts and not be misguided by false information and narratives peddled by vested interests for their own gain and benefit, the statement further read’.