Max Life Insurance strengthens hiring commitment amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Kolkata, Nov 27 (Agency) Max Life Insurance Company in line with its ‘People First’ priorities, has hired over 2,000 new talent in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. By efficiently digitising its recruitment and onboarding process, the life insurer has been able to deliver a seamless employee hiring and onboarding experience in a predominantly remote work set-up.

Max Life has demonstrated a steady growth commitment by incorporating technology to interact with potential hires and digitally onboard a new workforce. In the first half of the year, Max Life has hired more than 2000 employees across diverse verticals such as agency, bancassurance, and internal operations. This includes 170 candidates, some from reputed B-school campuses such as NMIMS-Mumbai; IIM-Calcutta, and IMT-Ghaziabad and MDI-Gurgaon who were offered roles at Max Life pre-COVID; along with over 40 leadership positions across various strategic business verticals. Max Life has honoured every job offer made before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and hired these resources during the subsequent period.

Reflecting on the commitment, Shailesh Singh, Director & Chief People Officer, Max Life Insurance, says, “Our focus remains on hiring fungible talent with cross-functional capabilities. With the pandemic, we realized that the introduction of smarter platforms was the need of the hour to influence our talent pool. We have now digitised our entire onboarding journey for new hires, building on concepts like Artificial Intelligence for mapping talent. With the new normal, we are also revamping our hiring strategy, and fusing it with robust mobility programs to make the onboarding journeys of new hires even more intuitive and engaging.” He adds, “At Max Life, we’re proud to be at the forefront of technology that is allowing us to create more inclusive, seamless work environments for employees in a remote set-up. We look forward to harnessing newer opportunities for our talent, and stepping up our investments in technology to nurture overall employee experience and efficiency in the time to come.”

In the last six months, Max Life has also proactively engaged with more than 500 candidates digitally to create a talent pool for future hiring. Interactions over social networks have enabled Max Life to hire the right talent for open positions efficiently. To offer a seamless onboarding experience to new hires, Max Life has designed a unique ‘e-Bandhan’ initiative, a virtual platform designed to provide a holistic view of the organization to new employees. Segregated into a five-day online-only induction programme, the experience covers insights into Max Life’s organizational values, Human Resources outlook, Information Technology, Compliance policies, Performance Management systems, and more. This virtual platform allows the new joiner to ask any question and get a response in real-time. A dedicated chatbot, “Ely”, is available to help new joiners to respond to their queries and guide them to the right resource. At Max Life, the early adoption of technology has ensured that 80% of its employees could work from home effectively within 3-4 days of the lockdown. The life insurer has effectively leveraged tools like employee app, Facebook Workplace, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom which instilled a culture of collaboration across the company.